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Pixelmon Adventure Map - Crew Pixelmon (UPDATED)

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YunGrey avatar YunGrey
Level 53 : Grandmaster Miner
Pixelmon Adventure Map Updated for Pixelmon Generations & Pixelmon Reforged.

Click the above Download button to download the map for Pixelmon Generations 8.4.2

Click here to download the map for Pixelmon Reforged 8.1.2

This is a custom Pixelmon Adventure Map created by BzUrQ(Planet Minecraft) @BzUrQ(Twitter) in 2016 for the Crew Craft Pixelmon YouTube series, and updated for Pixelmon in July 2019 for Minecraft 1.12.2 by YunGrey.

I have received direct permission to upload this.
All credit for map creation goes to BzUrQ.
Any unauthorized re-uploads of this map or the original are not permitted without direct consent from BzUrQ.

If you feel the need to send me a Private Message on PMC about this Map, please follow these guidelines. If you do not, I will not reply:

  • Do not ask me how to install this map. Follow this official PMC guide.
  • Do not ask me to relay a message to BZ. I am not a middle man, and I do not know him personally.
  • Do not ask me for permission to use this map on a server. My answer will almost always be yes, unless there is a monetary charge for users to have access to play.
  • Do not ask me for permission for you to upload a language translation to PMC or any other website. My answer is no. I cannot confirm if any non-language changes have been made to that version. However, feel free to privately share any language patched versions of the map, but do not upload it to PMC.
  • Do not ask me about mod conflicts or missing asset game errors when first loading the map. As long as you have the correct Pixelmon mod/version active, then there will be no mod/asset conflicts even if you get an error message when loading.
  • Do not ask me where a specific Pixelmon functionality is in the map. I'm not going to tell you where the Gym Leaders or "insert item name here" are.
  • If you have a concern that a certain Pixelmon functionality does not exist in the map, feel free to ask. Chances are, it does, it's just somewhere you have not looked yet.

Map Information And Features
The reason I have updated this map is because the current version of the Pixelmon mods are not compatible with the version that the original map creator offers from 2016. Biggest issue is that there are no NPCs in the map if you try to play the original map on the current Pixelmon versions.

100% Open and custom terrain Pixelmon map.

  You can go everywhere in the map when ever you want to.
  The only thing limiting you in your adventure is your ability as a trainer.

10 Biome Themed islands to explore with towns and dozens of points of interest.
  Has all biomes needed to catch every Pokemon in Pixelmon, including shrines for Legendaries.

100s of NPC trainers to battle on your journey.
  Traditional 8 Gym Badge Challenge style journey.

  Dozens of challenging NPC trainers with competitive level difficulty teams.
  Full Elite 4 + Champion battle tower.

Another note. This is NOT the final version of the map as seen on the Crew Craft group member's YouTube channels. That version included 1 more additional island with its main feature being a more difficult, 2nd battle against "The Legendary Trainer BZ". BZ never released that version to the public, and being as I'm someone who does not know him personally, I do not have access to that version. This is the latest, most finished, publicly available version of the map.

To view the original map uploaded by BzUrQ click here

To view the Fixes/Changes/Updates to the original map click here

Installation Instructions
To download Pixelmon Generations 8.4.2 click here.
(Place this inside the "mods" folder in .minecraft after installing Forge)

To download Pixelmon Reforged 8.1.2 click here.
(Place this inside the "mods" folder in .minecraft after installing Forge)

To download Forge 1.12.2 click here.
(Download the installer and run it. You must already have Minecraft Version 1.12.2 installed to do this.)

If you're playing this using a Mod Pack Launcher, make certain the Pixelmon version they offer is the correct one for your download.

If you would like to use my custom pixelmon config, which allows Players and NPCs to use mega evolution and tons of other changes that I personally think are better than default for this map, place the "pixelmon.hocon" file located in the folder you downloaded, into your ".minecraft/config" folder. BACK UP YOUR ORIGINAL "pixelmon.hocon" CONFIG FILE IF YOU HAVE PREVIOUSLY MADE CHANGES TO YOURS AND WOULD LIKE TO STILL HAVE IT!

Texture Pack(Fire Leaf) or Texture Pack(Annahstas Beastrinia) are Pixelmon inspired texture packs that I strongly recommend using.

If you want custom game rules for Minecraft or Pixelmon, you will need to research and add those yourself.

Generations or Reforged?
So why are there two version of this map you're wondering?
Well... Over the years of the Pixelmon mod development, a spin off of the original was created. And as of the Generations 8.0 release, the two versions of the mod are now at a point where they're different enough to warrant a version of this map for each version of the mod.

So which version should you choose?
I would recommend looking into that yourself. The respective wikis and YouTube would be a good place to start.
Long story short though:
Generations offers slightly more engaging Legendary hunting, with Items and Shrines for certain spawns.
Generations has Pokedolls.
Reforged offers better NPC trades because the stats, ability, nature, held item, Pokeball, and size can be edited on the map creators end. Only Level and if it's shiny can be edited in Generations.
Reforged 8.1 added quests, and 8.2 added the ability to create and edit them in game. This creates a more clear path to follow when playing the map. (Map is not yet updated for quests)
The map is not updated for the current version of Reforged, and I highly recommend playing the Generations version.

Thank your for downloading this map, and thank you to BzUrQ for creating it.
Progress95% complete

4 Update Logs

Update #4 (Generations Update) : 05/21/2021 12:52:02 pmMay 21st

May 2021 Generations 8.4.2 Update

*I am aware of the issues with the Pokeloot on this map. I have no idea why it's glitching out. It keeps forgetting what's inside of the loot, replacing the item inside with "Air", or forgetting that anything has even been placed inside at all and now thinks there's nothing inside of it.

*The map is now updated for the newest version of Generations. I have not offered a Generations version of the map since 2.9.4. That actually wasn't that long ago despite the version difference since it went from 2.9.4 straight to 8. Obviously to match the current Pokemon Generation.

*The Reason I did not offer a Generations version for a while was because there was no real reason to. The 2 Pixelmon mods were not very different, and Reforged offered fully customizable NPC traders and Tab complete text boxes when editing NPCs, which Generations still does not. RIP my fingers...

*Updated the map's biomes to allow for the ability to catch all existing Pokemon in Generations. This includes Biomes O Plenty biomes, which comes packaged and installed with Generations now. The only locations where Biomes O Plenty biomes are used is 3 extremely small locations on the Fairy Island, and a large portion of the Elite 4 island is now the "Origin Island" biome, which the majority of legendaries can spawn in.
(If you are getting an error because of missing biomes when you first load in, then you may have to install Biomes O Plenty manually.)

*Added a bunch of new, very challenging NPC trainers around the map known as the "Maniacs". They each have a party of 6 level 70 or 80s, including 1 Legendary and a Mega Evolution. And all offer a Dream Ball, Z Crystals, Type Gems, Type Memories, and other rare rewards.

*Updated existing trainers to offer a more worth-while battle experience. Most noticeable will be the Elite 4 island trainers, which all now have 4-6 Pokemon and 1 Legendary or Mega.

*Adjusted the Elite 4 members teams and levels.
Each Elite 4 member is now set to level 70, and the players Pokemon will be adjusted down to level 72 if they are above. Allowing you to slightly over level if you choose to. Also makes it to where you don't have to be so strict about keeping all your Mons the exact same level like when fighting "Equal" trainers.
The Elite 4 Champion now has level 80 Pokemon, with yours being capped at level 82.
Misty is now a double battle, has a rain team, and leads off with a Choice Scarf, Huge Power, Azumaril and a Drizzle Politoed.
LeBron now has a Zacian-Crowned instead of a Guzzlord.
(Note: All of my play testing is based off of using 0 bag items, like potions, revives, etc..., during battle)

*Added Shrine locations for Legendary spawning.
Since Generations does a lot of Legendary spawning differently than Reforged, I had to add a ton of new ways to catch them. So all current Shrine Legendaries can be spawned now. I'm not telling you where they are, so get to exploring.
Also tried to place enough of the items needed for the spawning of these Legendaries around the map as loot and NPC rewards.

*Added Unown blocks to most caves.

*Buildings now have updated Generations decorations.

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06/16/2021 8:40 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
User3660602G avatar
I was wondering if it was possible to get in the End on the map or somehow enable it. My friends and I were curious about how to find Deoxys and other legendaries like the ones in sinnoh
06/15/2021 2:24 am
Level 1 : New Miner
noladiesel avatar
was this map made with biomes o plenty for the reforged version?
06/09/2021 12:15 pmhistory
Level 1 : New Collective
Warboyg6 avatar
ello there where do i go after i beat the desert gym leader i clicked to fast through the dialouge
06/06/2021 10:17 am
Level 1 : New Miner
Enderman80 avatar
Hi there, I was just wondering when this world will be available in pixelmon reforged 8.2.0. Me and my friend just really wanted to play this map however it said it was downloaded in 8.1.2 so I assume it needs to be downloaded in the latest version of pixelmon (aka 8.2.0). Please feel free to reply to this message whenever it is possible for you. Thank you and have a great day!
06/06/2021 5:06 pm
Level 53 : Grandmaster Miner
YunGrey avatar
Will try to have the 8.2 update out tonight or tomorrow.

Will not have any quests in it though. I can't get the new in game quest editor to save anything.
05/29/2021 12:59 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
GoneBZRK avatar
Hiya, been enjoying this map but am a little confused with the story. I've gone back from the Taiga after speaking to Jenny and have beaten the first gym but am unsure what I should do next. Any advice?
06/01/2021 12:44 pm
Level 53 : Grandmaster Miner
YunGrey avatar
Next, it is suggested to go to the Desert Island after the Jungle Island. If you're playing the Generations version, there are dispensers at each Gym leader that has a book with the Gym Leader's dialogue. Just read those, and it will be clear where to go next.
06/01/2021 3:14 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
GoneBZRK avatar
Ah i see we figured as much. Thank you for the reply. On another note is there resources like clay about the map?
05/22/2021 12:19 pm
Level 5 : Apprentice Miner
CameronFenich avatar
Keep up the updates
05/22/2021 4:17 am
Level 53 : Grandmaster Miner
YunGrey avatar
Just started updating the Reforged version of the map to the newest version of the Reforged mod.
Currently, there are some weird things with NPC trainers going on in the Reforged map for Reforged 8.1.2 if you load it up in 8.2.0.
So either play the Generations version of the map for now, which I extremely recommend doing, or play the Reforged map in Reforged 8.1.2, not 8.2.0.
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