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Pixelmon Adventure Map - Crew Pixelmon (UPDATED)

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YunGrey avatar YunGrey
Level 59 : Grandmaster Pokemon
Pixelmon Adventure Map Updated for Pixelmon Generations & Pixelmon Reforged.

Click the above Download button to download the map for Pixelmon Reforged 8.4.X

Click here to download the map for Pixelmon Generations 8.6.X

This is a custom Pixelmon Adventure Map created by BzUrQ(Planet Minecraft) @BzUrQ(Twitter) in 2016 for the Crew Craft Pixelmon YouTube series, and updated for Pixelmon in July 2019 for Minecraft 1.12.2 by YunGrey.

I have received direct permission to upload this.
All credit for map creation goes to BzUrQ.
Any unauthorized re-uploads of this map or the original are not permitted without direct consent from BzUrQ.

If you feel the need to send me a Private Message on PMC about this Map, please follow these guidelines. If you do not, I probably won't reply:

  • Do not ask me how to install this map. Follow this official PMC guide.
  • Do not ask me to relay a message to BZ. I am not a middle man, and I do not know him personally.
  • Do not ask me for permission to use this map on a server. My answer will almost always be yes, unless there is a monetary charge for users to have access to play.
  • Do not ask me for permission for you to upload a language translation to PMC or any other website. My answer is no. I cannot confirm if any non-language changes have been made to that version. However, feel free to privately share any language patched versions of the map, but do not upload it to PMC.
  • Do not ask me about mod conflicts or missing asset game errors when first loading the map. As long as you have the correct Pixelmon mod/version active, then there will be no mod/asset conflicts even if you get an error message when loading.
  • Do not ask me where a specific Pixelmon functionality is in the map. I'm not going to tell you where the Gym Leaders or "insert item name here" are.
  • If you have a concern that a certain Pixelmon functionality does not exist in the map, feel free to ask. Chances are, it does, it's just somewhere you have not looked yet.

Map Information And Features
The reason I have updated this map is because the current version of the Pixelmon mods are not compatible with the version that the original map creator offers from 2016. Biggest issue is that there are no NPCs in the map if you try to play the original map on the current Pixelmon versions.

100% Open and custom terrain Pixelmon map.
  • You can go everywhere in the map when ever you want to.
  • The only thing limiting you in your adventure is your ability as a trainer.
  • 10 Biome Themed islands to explore with towns and dozens of points of interest.
  • Has all biomes needed to catch every Pokemon in Pixelmon, including shrines for Legendaries.

100s of NPC trainers to battle on your journey.
  • Traditional 8 Gym Badge Challenge style journey.
  • Dozens of challenging NPC trainers with competitive level difficulty teams.
  • Full Elite 4 + Champion battle tower.

Rough order of story progression:
  • Spawn Town > Taiga Island (Exp All) > Jungle Island (Gym) > Desert Island (Gym) > Mesa Island (Team Rocket+Gym) > Power Plant > Plains Island (Gym) > Swamp Islands (Gym) > Frozen Islands (Gym) > Fairy Forest (Gym) > Taiga Island (Gym) > Elite 4 Island (Elite 4+Champion) > Legendary Trainer.
    If you're ever lost, refer back to this order or talk to NPCs to figure out where to go.

If you would like to watch some YouTube playthroughs of this map, check out these playlists from these great content creators. Keep in mind, these playthroughs are from 2016 while the map was still being developed.

Another note. This is NOT the final version of the map as seen on the Crew Craft group member's YouTube channels. That version included 1 more additional island with its main feature being a more difficult, 2nd battle against "The Legendary Trainer BZ". BZ never released that version to the public, and being as I'm someone who does not know him personally, I do not have access to that version. This is the latest, most finished, publicly available version of the map.

Pixelmon Reforged quests will not be available until the Devs change how the file structure of quests files work so that
they are tied to world saves instead of needing to modify and navigate the config and files.
Pixelmon Reforged, as of 8.1, added the ability to make in game quests. To me, this seemed like something I absolutely had to add to the map. It makes sense, it's more enjoyable, and causes much less confusion. However, the current implementation of quests in the present versions of Reforged, makes it so that quests are absolutely not worth adding as a feature to the map. The way quests are set up now requires several modifications to the config file, external json files, and various moderate level file navigation knowledge is needed, that I am not comfortable forcing people to figure out how to do just to play the map. Currently, quests seem like a great feature to have on large public servers that can automate and validate the process of installing the quest files onto a client's system. And single player worlds get the short end of the stick, since there's no way I can even get 10% of the people who download the map to then also modify file structures just for some quests.

To view the original map uploaded by BzUrQ click here

To view the Fixes/Changes/Updates to the original map click here

Installation Instructions
To download Pixelmon Generations 8.6.2 click here.
(Place this inside the "mods" folder in .minecraft after installing Forge)

To download Pixelmon Reforged 8.4.1 click here.
(Place this inside the "mods" folder in .minecraft after installing Forge)

To download Forge 1.12.2 click here.
(Download the installer and run it. You must already have Minecraft Version 1.12.2 installed to do this.)

If you're playing this using a Mod Pack/Custom Launcher, make certain the Pixelmon version they offer is the correct one for your download.

Texture Pack(Fire Leaf) or Texture Pack(Annahstas Beastrinia) are Pixelmon inspired texture packs that I strongly recommend using.

If you want custom gamerules for Minecraft or Pixelmon, you will need to research and add those yourself.
I do highly recommend turning off hunger. The map is not properly set up to support food but does offer some.
Use this effect command to turn off hunger. You will need to Hit Esc>Open to LAN>Allow Cheats, then paste this.
  /effect @p minecraft:saturation 1000000 10 true
  (Change @p to @a to give the effect to all players. You will only need to do this once for each player.)

This map is intended to be played on "Survival" mode, Any difficulty, and "Hostile Creatures" Off. Will likely already be set this way when you load in.

Generations or Reforged?
So why are there two version of this map you're wondering?
Well... Over the years of the Pixelmon mod development, a spin off of the original was created. And as of the Generations 8.0 release, the two versions of the mod are now at a point where they're different enough to warrant a version of this map for each version of the mod.

So which version should you choose?
I would recommend looking into that yourself. The respective wikis and YouTube would be a good place to start.
Long story short though:

  • Offers slightly more engaging Legendary hunting, with Items and Shrines for certain spawns.
  • A much nicer user interface. (This excludes the battle UI, which is the most important IMO)
  • Has slightly more interesting clutter and furniture.
  • Pokedolls.

  • Offers better NPC trades because the stats, ability, nature, held item, Pokeball, and size can be edited on the map creators end. Only Level and if it's shiny can be edited in Generations.
  • Raid Dens
  • A much nicer battle user Interface. (Old style everything else)
  • For me personally, Reforged has much better performance and framerates than Generations.

Thank your for downloading this map, and thank you to BzUrQ for creating it.
Progress95% complete

7 Update Logs

Update #7 : by YunGrey 05/09/2022 8:32:43 pmMay 9th

New Reforged Map Download has been uploaded.

8.3.0 -> 8.4.0
  • Reforged 8.4.0 has added the "Trading Card Game" side mod into the main Pixelmon Reforged mod, and I have somewhat updated the map with the TCG mod's features. As you play through the map you'll be rewarded with cards, packs, and other features from the mod through battling with trainers.
  • Integrated new Hisuian Forms into the map. Not all Hisuian forms are finished in the 8.4.0 update. Check the Official Wiki or Mod Download Website for updates on Hisuian Forms.
  • Added the Electric Maniac trainer battle back into the map. Not sure how long it has been missing in the Reforged version. I checked the Generations version and the trainer is there. Looks like a chunk error happened while saving and wiped him out.

About the Generations Version.

Unless something large happens with the 1.12.2 version of Generations, I will likely stop updating that version of the map. I will still offer the 8.6.0 version for those who wish to play Generations, but the major performance issues the map has in the Generations version makes it not worth to even mess with that version or offer it as the preferred download option.

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06/24/2022 6:24 am
Level 1 : New Miner
Multi_Moons avatar
My friends are farming masterballs but refuse to tell me how. Is there any way to do so?
06/24/2022 6:21 am
Level 1 : New Miner
Frodo261 avatar
i want install the map on my server but the quests don`t work
06/24/2022 6:17 am
Level 1 : New Miner
Frodo261 avatar
where can i get a install guide?
06/10/2022 3:49 am
Level 1 : New Miner
Phoenixwing58 avatar
hi, this might be a but where do i find all the evolution stones. especially the ice stone? i am un able to find it? even the ice fields
06/12/2022 12:01 pm
Level 59 : Grandmaster Pokemon
YunGrey avatar
06/10/2022 12:31 am
Level 1 : New Miner
Not_SK24 avatar
Thank you for uploading this. I was able to load this map on my server. However, all the machines are normal blocks. What I think is supposed to be a healing machine is ender chests and beacons. Am I missing some mod packs possibly?

Thanks for any feedback
06/10/2022 1:03 am
Level 1 : New Miner
Not_SK24 avatar
Also, I cant for the life of me find this hocon file. Running on reforged server.
06/01/2022 6:41 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
X_Dens avatar
I loaded the map but none of the Pixelmon Generations textures loaded in, how do I fix this?
05/31/2022 11:19 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
ZombielugiaDragonwind avatar
Why is the starter list only up to Gen 6?
06/05/2022 8:29 pm
Level 59 : Grandmaster Pokemon
YunGrey avatar
That's a pixelmon.hocon config setting on your end. You can change the config settings while in game or by editing the config through a program like Notepad++. If you want a quick fix, you can delete the pixelmon.hocon file located in your config folder in your .minecraft folder. Next time you launch the game, it will re create the config file with the default mod settings, allowing you to choose all available starters.
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