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Planet Arus and the Castle of Lions

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Snowflakian avatar Snowflakian
Level 21 : Expert Architect
Red lion and Black lion are taking a backseat for now as I make the jump into working on the Castle of Lions.

The castle itself is almost done, and it would have been uploaded already if I didn't decide to go all out and add a City of Lions surrounding it.

The castle includes full interior, multiple floors, many secret passages and more surprises.

The City of Lions is 8 106x106 quadrant counties, with only the south central quadrant finished so far.  There is also secret passages in any home or building that has a basement.  It includes some automated systems for the high end merchant area like an auto storage system for the hen house.  There's also a few catacomb network that runs underneath the city and into the castle as well as into a soon to be added later on mountian.

The full city is walled off for monster protection and is self sustaining for villager population.  The inside exterior of the outer wall also has a villager merchant center for ease on travelers.  It includes horse tie posts if you only want to visit and then move on instead of checking your horse in at the fully furnished ranch.

So far it includes a Kennel, Sugar Cane greenhouse shop, Sheriff's department with jail(that includes an alarm system and other red stone features), a hen house, a black smith shop, a carpenter's house, a bakery, a bar & grill, a ranch, a library, a church, and a school. All of that so far is in the south central quadrant county.

Still working on the other 8 quadrant counties and there will be a subway system that connects them all as well as secret passages in there to reach the catacombs and two secret railways.  One that goes to the Lion's den (where you can launch out to the 5 lions) and one that goes to another secret addition.

The outer wall has several floors, and will also have guard towers at all 4 corners.  There is a center main gate at the south, east, west, and north sides.

The castle of lions is at that center and has its own red stone circuitry protection system to go into lockdown at night.  Inside the castle at night and you're locked in, outside the castle at night and you're locked out.  Fully automated light post system in the outside city, and there will be a track system that runs to all 5 lions.  There are an additional three other Lion's den track lines.  One that runs to Voltron, one that runs to a TNT canon version of Voltron(all 4 lion canons fully controlled from the head), and the secret rail line that connects back to the subway system.  The outer city wall also features an arrow defense system with an auto reload system of 10 storage boxes each.  So you can "blot out the sun" on any armies that try to attack the outside.  All 4 main intrances also have a lava pit bridge.  That's 314 arrow dispensers per outter wall.  Fully loaded by two hoppers each, that connect to a main autoreload storage point that's 10 containers (5 containers per half side).  So you shouldn't run out of arrows anytime soon, and if you do, you can reach the main reload containers on the top of the wall and it'll reload the rest for you.

Due to the size and intricacy of the systems in place, this one will be a save file instead of a schematic.  It's being built in my creative mode test world, and then being placed in an Arus survival world save file via MCEdit.  There are repair containers scattered about for any damage that occurs from creepers.  When finished, playing on Peaceful mode will erase the occupants of the Zoo that's being built.  So normal or hard mode is better.  All built with 1.8+ in mind.
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10/11/2017 5:58 pm
Level 1 : New Crafter
kitty-boi_jordan avatar
i love this so much ~! i hope you finish it ! :D (im not sure if you finished haha xD )
07/03/2015 6:47 pm
Level 64 : High Grandmaster Senpai
GrayRemnant avatar
Wow!  This looks pretty cool so far.  ;)
07/03/2015 8:56 pm
Level 21 : Expert Architect
Snowflakian avatar
I may have gotten carried away when I started building it. xD
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