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Plasmatic's detailed boulder/rock pack

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EDIT: these are pretty outdated builds that really need a touch-up at some point, use at own risk

Hey again, not actually a build here but instead a custom boulder pack I made for myself for world painter, and I'm giving you guys the chance to use it now.

The download link contains a .zip file with all the schematics for each boulder, all you have to do is drag them into a file you know the location of and when making a custom object layer in world painter, find that file and click on the schematics you want to use.

There are 126 unique boulders, in 7 categories: Andesite, Diorite, Granite, Sandstone, Red sandstone, Ice and mossy. Each category has 6 small, medium and tall size boulders. These 6 are again split into 3 smooth boulders, indicated by an S in the schematic name, and 3 rough boulders, indicated by an R

Each boulder was first made via a boulder tool and then modified by hand with slabs and stairs to look more detailed in your world.

Feel free to leave any feedback, or any bugs you find with the schematics, in the comments below.
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10/02/2018 10:13 am
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Like it!
PS: 7th Diamond and 4th heart
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