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Plugin-Free 2-6 Player FFA PVP System With 4 Maps (0.1.3)

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Plugin-Free 2-6 Player FFA PVP System With 4 Maps (0.1.3) (Playtesting still needed)

So I decided to put together a completely plugin-free FFA PVP system working with 4 different maps using only command blocks.

I'm now looking forward to people downloading and playtesting my map with 1 to 5 friends.


Removed the obscuring stone blocks!


This map uses only redstone systems and command blocks. It does not need any plugins or mods in order to work.


You can choose your game inventory from up to 16 different items, choose time & weather and player amount. Supporting also a spectator-mode.

Available player amounts; 2, 3, 4 & 6.

Everything in the map is labeled and I hope you're able to figure out what does what. There are signs all over the place.

Your FFA PVP Battles with your friends will be completely automatized.

None of the 4 playable maps included are built by me - they're all downloaded schematics from the internet. I've only built the redstone system.

I'm still somewhat new to redstone and therefore still learning - my system is not therefore perfect and that's why I'm currently hoping people to playtest my map and really put my system to its limits.


Any feedback and bug reports helps me a lot. Use the comment section here or email me at nitrohemuli35@gmail.com.

Please share this project :)! I'm glad you playtested my map!
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Update: 0.1.3 : 07/14/2020 4:24:12 pmJul 14th

Update: 0.1.3

Removed the obscuring stone blocks!
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