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Plutopia [Angel Block Society Application]

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Never thought I would finish this project at the rate I was going.. But here it is! For you all to enjoy. After a lot of thought I decided to make it my first and last attempt at getting in the Angel Block Society. I figure if I don’t get in, well this is about as creative/good as it gets for me so I would have no reason to ever try again. And I guess you could call this a 200 Subscriber Special sense I’m almost there too :D

Most of my inspiration came from numerous photos I found on the Internet (well that and constantly thinking about what I could do/add to it). Here’s a link to those photos

A little back-story: Well the first planet I made was actually the 5th on in the cycle (‘Almost Gone..’) and the rest pretty much just expanded off that. The original plan was to make an entire solar system of planets, then after making 3 or 4 and a sun I would have shot myself if I was going to have to make 4 or 5 more still… So in the end I came up with an ingenious plan to make the planets go threw the cycle and have me be the god of them, sense the plan was to call this “Plutopia” from the beginning. I actually had the idea to name at least one of my projects Plutopia back when I first got my account and just needed the right opportunity to do so, and here it was presenting itself right in front of my face. This project took me in all about 7 months to complete. Mainly because I cant work for more than an hour at a time without getting distracted :P


Pluto the god of the underworld, surprising as it may seem, was once a generous and kind god. One day, bored beyond belief and looking for something to do, he decided to create a planet of his own. One he could look after and call his. All the other gods had one at some point and it only seemed right for him to have one as well. At first he created a world, a utopia, perfect in every way. Nature flowed seamlessly throughout the planet. Once the planet was as perfect as he could possibly think to make it he added animal life to the equation. This only made the planet better.

Meanwhile the other gods were starting to gain light of what Pluto had been creating and became jealous of his planet because all of their own had become corrupt and overrun by a dominant life form. Seeing that the lowest of gods had created a near perfect world on his first try had made them extremely jealous. They came together and created a ruthless plan to make Pluto’s world fail. Most of the gods had created a planet in which they tried putting human life on to help, only to realize it was the sole cause of their planets demise. They agreed that convincing Pluto to put humans on his world was the best and quickest way to get his planet destroyed.

After a vigorous amount of convincing, the gods finally persuaded Pluto to put humans on his world. At first Pluto was happy with the humans. They were kind to each other and only used things they needed. Sadly this all changed very quickly. Only a few hundred years had passed and the humans were already starting to try and take over everything including each other. Pluto then realized that humans were not the answer to a utopian society; in fact they were quite honestly the exact opposite. Many efforts were made by Pluto to try and save his planet and rid the humans of bad doings. None of which worked. Pluto realized that the earth was beyond saving and all he could do now was sit and watch as his planet slowly got destroyed.

Finally after a short four thousand years the humans had depleted more then half the planet’s recourses. Pluto WAS a kind god and HAD been peaceful but the other gods drove him to darkness with sinister plots and mad revenge. The real question is who is really evil in the end..?

All The Parts Of The Project Are Listed Below!
God: Pluto

The creator of a utopian planet until deceived into putting human life on his planet.

Coordinates; x:87 y:212 z:-1297

Planet 1: A New Beginning

The planets short life begins. A time when it is first created by its god (which in this case would be Pluto) and is seemingly perfect in nature and in everything else.

Coordinates; x:587 y:204 z:-1005

Planet 2: Animal Planet

The First sign of more intelligent life creatures take over, but life is only run by the natural order of things.

Coordinates; x:280 y:159 z:-885

Planet 3: Society

Humans were sent onto this planet not by choice but by force. They took over and already the planet seems to be getting destroyed, slowly but surely.

Coordinates; x:-4 y:193 z:-997

Planet 4: Dead or Alive

The humans have done their deed, Overrun the planet and made it hard to live on. Half the planets recourses have been depleted.

Coordinates; x:-121 y:143 z:-1285

Planet 5: Almost Gone..

The humans have been forgotten about on this planet now but still it has little hope for survival or redemption in any way.

Coordinates; x:18 y:240 z:-1581

Planet 6: Boom!

Finally the planet is depleted all it has left and the only option it has left is to explode and exist as only fragments of what once was great.

Coordinates; x:283 y:164 z:-1673

Sun: :D
Don’t forget the sun! Any great planet can’t survive without a stable healthy sun!

Click For --> Screen Shot Collection!

Click For --> All The HD STUFF!

HUGE Thanks too:

Freekm1234 for his never disappointing and always amazing renders

NinamanOffical for his awesome renders

Cman5015 for the “wow”ing Cinematic!

Letsbuild.net for the allowing me to build on their server and for the awesome advise and help they gave towards the project.

A little spoiler for my next project! :D

Don't Forget!
Subscribe For More! :D

Credit100% created by me :)
Progress100% complete

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Update #1 : by Plutouthere 10/30/2014 12:18:30 pmOct 30th, 2014

Fixed Links.

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10/11/2023 4:13 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
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dowload link pleaseee!!!!!
12/23/2022 7:22 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
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Hey, I've never ran into a post like this, do I have to click 'Subscribe' in order to download this build? (Sorry for the confusion)
01/06/2023 12:33 pm
Level 67 : High Grandmaster Crafter
Plutouthere's Avatar
No you don't need to subscribe to download however unfortunatly this project no longer has a download for it
Jetpack Cat
03/14/2020 3:35 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
Jetpack Cat's Avatar
Hey the link is dead now, would you be able to reupload it?
03/21/2020 5:26 pm
Level 67 : High Grandmaster Crafter
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02/22/2017 10:00 pm
Level 1 : New Explorer
0inky's Avatar
if you were declined after you built this...
02/23/2017 11:17 am
Level 67 : High Grandmaster Crafter
Plutouthere's Avatar
Haha no I was accepted lol
11/26/2016 1:12 am
Level 42 : Master Miner
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If your permission falls, I would like to borrow the architecture and build it. Surely the source and the name of the architect are stated!
11/26/2016 4:49 pm
Level 67 : High Grandmaster Crafter
Plutouthere's Avatar
Yeah sure go for it.
08/11/2016 9:17 pm
Level 12 : Journeyman Miner
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