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Level 41 : Master Pokémon
Welcome to the world of PokeCraft -- the entire world of Pokemon remade into Minecraft!
Featuring Johto!
This world is built at a 3:1 scale, resulting in a bigger and more detailed world!

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Kanto: 95%
Hoenn: 60%
Sinnoh: 30%


1. Will this be downloadable?
- I have not come to a decision on this just yet. At the very least, I'm hoping to host an online server for people to play on. This will not happen until the four regions are 100% complete. Please understand that I've spent hundreds of hours throughout each year over the course of quite a few years, and it's not something that I really want to just give away.
2. Did you do the insides of gyms/caves/etc?

- Not really. I've dug out some caves, but most of them do not have an interior size and layout that matches the exterior measurements. In other words, if I try to lay down the exact paths in Mt. Moon, it won't align with the entrance/exit on both Route 3 and Route 4. I have done minor details inside of some buildings, like the Gates.
3. Pixelmon?
- I have plans to add in all of the available Pokemon to each region via the Pixelmon mod, assuming that it does allow me to place specific spawns on specific tiles. I would theoretically like to have the appropriate Pokemon spawning in each route, especially if I can control the spawn rate. I won't be doing this until every region is done, and I'm planning for an online server.

Feel free to leave feedback or ask any other questions in the comments section. Thanks for looking!

Progress95% complete

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