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avatar liamholloway123
Level 31 : Artisan Dragonborn
This is my Pokemon Center, it is the original shape and colour of the pokemon center.

In this pokemon center i have added sliding doors that are activated by pressure plates that are on each side of the door, this was the trickiest part of the whole project.

the main part of the building is where you would heal your pokemon, its not perfect but it was the best i could do with the pictures i had, there is a main desk and there are seat around the main area, there is also a big staircase that leads to the upper part of the pokemon center.

the upstairs is nothing really exiting, i didn't know what to put up there really. so i put some of the system link port that where there in the games, there are nothing in the rooms but it still looks awesome.

the creator of this project is me (liamholloway123) and sliders1 who helped me with the redstone placements for the sliding doors.

additional note: if you do download the schematic, please be aware that you will need to nudge it down a bit because of the redstone i have place underneath the building. thanks.

UPDATEE!!, i have added the healing tune of the pokemon center, there is a button on the front desk, enjoy :)

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Its greatly appreciated.
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