Pokemon Emerald Battle Frontier

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Level 7 : Apprentice Architect
This map is not completed but I will try to finish it in a little bit. It's the entire Pokemon Emerald Battle Frontier with everything scaled according to my gba version and screenshots taken from my Emerald rom. The only thing not scaled are the INSIDES of the buildings; I had to scale the outside accurately but in doing so the insides of houses became small 5x5 blocks as seen when you walk around them in game.

I will improve upon this and I'm building it on Survival Mode so no one gets bored and there is a secret base hidden somewhere under Battle Frontier. Good luck finding it even though it's not done. :thumbsup:


*Making a mistake with the scaling took A LOT of redoing by the way. And I've made a few mistakes before having to correct them...

Will add Images and Video later as well
COMMENTS and SUGGESTIONS are very welcome, let me know if I missed anything thus far or if you want anything in particular built first.

UPDATED! 1/3/2013 - Around four times larger with two more Battle facilities built and a secret lair along with the waterfall.
Progress: 40% Complete

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