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Pixelmon Nuummite | 16k x 16k Adventure Map | DISCONTINUED

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GhostXavier avatar GhostXavier
Level 50 : Grandmaster Architect

The project is discontinued due to countless setbacks and unforseen roadblocks. Read the spoiler below with the last update information which pertains to the download file.

Pixelmon Nuummite - About the Download
The map file in its entire, unfinished state is now up for download. You may do with it as you please but if it used in any way, shape, or form in one of your own projects, then you must credit me with the relevant pieces in your description.

The map can be viewed in vanilla but all mod blocks will go missing. Do not forget it is 16k x 16k and a full 2.5GBs to download.

The map was built in 1.7.10. Use the MCforge and mod equivalents.
The following mods are necessary if you want to view the starter town completely furnished:
- Pixelmon
- Bibliocraft
- Decocraft
- Open Blocks
- IndustrialCraft
- BuildCraft
- Thermal Expansion
- Thaumcraft
- Custom NPCs
- MrCrayfish Furniture

The mod list was decided upon by our build group since it was primarily going to be made with our interests first. The new project that is under construction has not made this same mistake and is being built with the general, mod player base in mind as opposed to just our build team's.
Stay tuned, however, this project has been replaced with another adventure map with as much detail given. This will be revealed later in the year when the project is ready for "beta" testing (aka, download ready but not polished). [/b]
Trees now available for use!

I. Introduction

II. Bullet Point Information
  • This is obviously a mod-heavy adventure map and will require the mods to be run properly. It can be explored in vanilla if you wish, just expect empty buildings! The structures will be made with vanilla blocks for this purpose.
  • A 100 Page main story given in PDF format. Four different, very distinct karma variations of the normal Pokemon Campaign make it 400 pages total for a main story. Choose between Good, Neutral, Evil or Special, each with three branching paths to further define your character. Are you the Chaotic Good Anti-Hero or the True Neutral? You decide.
  • Steampunk/magic themed map. Logota's original heritage was the arcane arts, but enterprizing nations from afar wished to colonize this unclaimed land due to their technological supremacy. Once a World War broke out, Logota became its own independent Nation and has not seen even a piece of that war. Now grasping for its original heritage and combining it with technological advancement, Logota has bloomed into the flower of the world.
  • Over 50 pages of extra content to further define your character in the form of the larger, organization affiliated side quests. Help Team Rocket rise to power over the other teams, help the Order keep the balance of good and evil, or help the Logotan Military stop a potential border conflict... your karmic role and decisions in your main quest affect access to these sidequests!
  • Thanks to Custom NPCs, non-karmic sidequests galore and fast travelling. Go searching in the ruins with the risk of encountering hostile mobs to get a relic, or defeat a high ranking official in one of the notorious criminal teams operating on the continent.
  • Getting slightly tired of running about on your sidequests and raising pokes? Or maybe you're getting obnoxious amounts of items and need a place to store? Build your home among the routes or within the cities! This map will have ALL the resources!
  • If you don't want to ruin the scenery, the Harken Isles offer you a more modest scenery layout that will let you build without ruining any serious vistas. You can of course ruin vistas with your builds once this is released. It also has the benefit of having every resource on the map, including mod ores.
  • A fully sculpted landscape that will give a unique, visual experience with each city, town, and route!
  • Fully automated Gym Battles, Elite Four, and a special tournament among the four karmic paths to decide who will be the new champion. Each town will house two gyms, but you only need the badge of one of the two to proceed past the CustomNPC gate on Victory Road. Fight both if you're daring! Including the Normal Gym (Trainer Academy), you have the chance to fight all of the 17 types of Pokemon (available in Pixelmon), including the Dark gym.
  • Full continent map will be provided with the download (when available) for those who want a serious look at what this map contains (and in case you get lost).

III. Build Team Roster

Full Architect List

  • GhostXavier
  • Deadkoalas (Titanic Build, Audio/Music Design)
  • Wuufwuuf (Two Cities)
  • Boo200 (One City + Spawn Design)
  • Phllufy (Airship)
  • Sephannoj (Some Underground Ruins for Ender Mines)

IV. Current Construction Progress

IV. Overview
IV. Phase Completion List Dates
Phase 1: Macro Terraforming - January 4th, 2015

Phase 2: Micro-Terraforming & Bridges - January 26th, 2015

V. FAQ and Extra Credits
Is this entire thing built by you?
For the most part, yes. I am building a vast majority of the map (and head architect), and have been for the past year. The noted exception are three of the main cities which two of my friends, Wuufwuuf and Boo200, have volunteered to make when I launch it. Some others in my group of friends have also made some tiny airships to have near their future homes. Deadkoalas, a high school friend, has also given me permission to house his 1:1 scale Titanic build on the server, and it will be gracing the oceans.

Will this also be available as a Vanilla Map?
YES. Well sort of... Thanks to answers I recieved on the forums, I found that the glitchy mess that I encountered back in early official Minecraft release is pretty much remedied and any mod block on the map will be turned to air. While this means you can explore the map in vanilla and build whatever you wish, the buildings will all be empty of furniture.

Will your server be public?
No, my server will not be going public, nor will it ever. Then why this post? Because the Map & Story pack that my server will be using (this Project) on will be public. That's why I insisted that everything on my map be majority built by me and a few pieces from my friends: so we can release the map to you when it's completed for you to have fun with too.

What mods are compatible for this?
Pixelmon (with Pixelutilites), CustomNPCs, Flan's Mod (with WWII Content Pack), Decocraft, Bibliocraft, OpenBlocks, and MrCrayfish's Furniture mods will all be compatible. These are NECESSARY IF you want the buildings to be furnished and Pokemon to actually be running about; This is a Pokemon themed world after all. I'm going for a complete server/world immerssive feel in Minecraft with this setup.

Will you have a mod pack?
Definitely not. For one, the main mod Pixelmon doesn't allow it to be placed in a mod pack. This may potentially change with Pixelmon's latest teaser for its own mod launcher, similar to tekkit and FTB, but as it stands right now you will only get a final mod list of what is needed to play this properly. Endless respect to the mod owners, you're definitely making my project look alive in my trials and tests!

Time frame?
With all that you can see completed on the progress list and i nthe screenshots, this project is still no where near completion and won't be for a while considering my time schedule and those of my friends'. Expect steady progress, but if you think this will be completed within the next few months, you're far from correct. I only recently decided to post this project file considering how far along its already come since a year ago.

Will you have progress updates?
Hell yes I will. I'm a travel photographer, so i'm already used to sharing work and progress (although securely because art theft sucks...). Expect this post to be updated any maybe the occasional blog centered around one of the city builds this package contains.

Need any help?
Nah, no help needed and not looking for any extra hands. This is my personal project that I'm managing myself with only a few trusted personal friends managing to wiggle their way into the build. I may consider artistic help at one point or another; I can't draw to save my life and don't even get me started about my lack of graphic artistry that's not a photograph. What I CAN do is plow through build after build in Minecraft and write.

Special Thanks to:
  • Every single mod developer whose work will be used in the final map! You're awesome!
  • Eragh and deerassassin0424 for medieval building designs for when I was creating fallden over a year ago in survival (before the map build was even a concept!). Reverse engineering and your tutorials really helped me get a feel for trying out a new city theme I never attempted before.
  • Apimil for making such inspiring airship builds! While mine certainly won't look as fancy and sleek (going for rustic/rugged look for most), they never cease to respark my enthusiasm for my newfound appreciation of steampunk transportation!
  • turmamint5 and apparate for some pixel representations of badges and a crown that were used on the map.

CreditDeadkoalas Wuufwuuf Boo200 ZMOS Phllufy Sephannoj
Progress30% complete

8 Update Logs

Map-wide revisions and additions : by GhostXavier 08/12/2015 6:09:36 pmAug 12th, 2015

I felt I couldn't leave the map completely unfinished as an explorable area. The new upload is map version 1.1: I modified a few areas that were causing some lag and spread Pokeloot all over the place in case anyone actually wants to use this as a map base when playing Pixelmon. Also placed a few unique ore clusters in spots where they couldn't be found before since I custom painted ore deposits in WorldPainter (ex., you can't find Bauxite just anywhere). Also fixed a few river errors that didn't turn out right and smoothed out the root system along the dark forest that look incredibly unnatural (a 1k x 1k boundary roughly).

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02/10/2015 11:56 pm
Level 33 : Artisan Caveman
KaligarPrime avatar
As always, exellent work and I'm loving those bridges.
01/29/2015 4:43 pm
Level 47 : Master Giraffe
discOtter avatar
Impressive! I'll definitely be giving this a try!
01/29/2015 6:22 pm
Level 50 : Grandmaster Architect
GhostXavier avatar
Thanks for the support! Every little bit counts! :) We hope you check in from time to time to see update progress on the map! I often update some images here and there without posting a log as sneak peaks before a serious update log post.
01/29/2015 8:00 pm
Level 47 : Master Giraffe
discOtter avatar
Any ideas on when it might be completed? If you need any help, I'd be willing to lend a hand,
01/29/2015 8:18 pm
Level 50 : Grandmaster Architect
GhostXavier avatar
At the going rate, iwoul;dn't be able to reliably give a solid release date, but at the very least if the project still looks like it will take a while, I may release "snapshots" . This would most likely be a small piece of the world that's been created for people to play around with while cosntruction continues (including quests and a piece of the story). Unfortunately we've kept the project private for so long many on the build team wish to keep it this way; It may just be a little nitpick while working with close friends, so I appologize and have to decline the offer but appreciate the willingness to help!
01/30/2015 9:22 am
Level 47 : Master Giraffe
discOtter avatar
Okay, cool. Thanks anyway!
01/26/2015 9:42 am
Level 53 : Grandmaster Goblin
ToadieOdie avatar
I love the clock tower and the bridges! Looking great. ^_^
01/26/2015 8:28 pm
Level 50 : Grandmaster Architect
GhostXavier avatar
Thank you! The clock tower isn't even placed yet; it's one of the many schematic builds waiting to be dropped in once construction o nthat particular city begins
01/22/2015 6:24 pm
Level 39 : Artisan Engineer
Barkeben avatar
I feel silly for commenting about this, but I love the layout of your description. And it looks like a great project. :D
01/22/2015 6:51 pm
Level 50 : Grandmaster Architect
GhostXavier avatar
Don't feel silly; I was curious if making sure the description was also tidy/well designed would make the project feel more professional/cared for/well developed/etc. There will be an update soon with the first structures finally on the map with a hell of a ways to go, so thanks for all the support! :)
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