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Pokemon Stadium 2 | Arena Portion | Small-Scale Version | Intended for Pokemon battles w/ the Pixelmon mod

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Itachi14 avatar Itachi14
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Here's the Pokemon fighting arena portion of Pokemon Stadium 2 from Smash Bros, with a world download this time!

There's two versions:

The first one from the screenshots is an updated look I've done recently, and the second is the old one that was built a long time ago alongside the stadium.

The old one from what I remember is actually based on ViviMeister's Pokemon PvP arena. They still never posted the download for that so I'm just going to build my own with these screenshots you posted, was my mindset at the time :p. I did successfully recreate it, but it was too big for my liking, so I tried making it a bit more smaller from scratch, completely redone the underside portion anyway and I ended up with this. Which just took too much time. Not going to be posting a download for the recreation of ViviMeister's Arena obviously. Only for the 2 you see in the screenshots. Anyway, enjoy!
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Update #1 : 02/22/2021 8:22:18 amFeb 22nd

messed up some stuff when I tried posting this and the stadium at the same time, open in different pages.

world download should be up now :p

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