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Polaris Arcade Center and Resturant | 80s AESTHETIC build | Minecraft colorful lighting

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Kira_Delta avatar Kira_Delta
Level 44 : Master Magical Boy
*IMPORTANT* For those who download this build. This build must be view by using a BSL shader pack(link in credit) in able too see it in an actual color

A purpose of this build is to experimenting with color lighting technique by putting a stained glass in front of a light source but in able to do that I have to use a shader to get a realistic lighting. I also a big fan of the 80s stuffs so if you interested in this build please download it and check it out by yourself. Any feed back comment from you would be nice too!


Hi there! well what I want to say is I'm a big fan of the 80s! Eventhough I was born in late 90s also I'm Asian haha. but well that makes me want to explore an aesthetic aspect of the 80s a lot. I decided to build this Arcade center in an 80s colorful and wacky style to match my curiosity of color lighting. I'm very happy with the result that materials in Minecraft are able to make this color tone.

I gave this place a name "Polaris" which just means the North star but I think its a good name to remember and also you would be happy in come a play in this arcade like when you always looking for a north star you you are lost.

There are a tons of pop culture references I added in so if you guys found any of it please comment it! I'd be very glade if someone gets it lol.

please give it diamonds if you like it and if you looking forward to see more cool projects please subscribe!

credits :
Shader by https://bitslablab.com/
Decoration heads from https://minecraft-heads.com/
Progress100% complete

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06/12/2021 12:59 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
Tammy169 avatar
Yo is it possible that you could get or make this map into pocket edition because this map be really fun to use on pocket edition 😁
08/27/2019 1:13 pm
Level 51 : Grandmaster Crafter
Those Arcade cabinets are cool with those banners. Looks like Pizza Planet.
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