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Crimson Cult Alternate Storyline - Optimised for PopularMMOs

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avatar GamingZacharyC
Level 1 : New Crafter
This map is an alternate storyline to the Crimson Cult in Thaumcraft. They are a little smarter, more powerful, and determined than ever!

I know it's not the most elaborate thing, but I will beef everything up as time goes on.

This map is for Minecraft Forge and needs to be run in 1.12.2 and can be run in any 1.12.2 forge version.

For the map's full content, requires the mods, configs, etc. down below, however the mods may require updates, which I fully encourage.

Download the mods and the config files and everything else here! (NOTE: This is a separate run option file, made so that you don't have to change the mods you currently have. Also note that this is via Google Drives, thus everything you do is secure.)

Secret Room! Click for contents!
In this map, we have a secret easter egg room, which contains a chest with two 'Easter Egg' items, which boost stats when held. Science this map was made for PopularMMOs to play, there are FuriousDestroyer and SuperGirlyGamer heads as well a GamingZacharyCheads surrounding it all
Creditazanor for the base mod, and all of the developers for the extra mods I used (MrCrayFish, Nuchaz, AlgorithmX2, and a few others)
Progress50% complete

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