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Pralox-class drone

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Author's Note
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Programs used:
Minecraft (for building)
Mcedit (for building)
Blender (for renders)
Paint.net (for pictures)

Technical Specifications
Pralox-class drone Minecraft Map

Pralox-class drone Minecraft Map

Pralox-class drone Minecraft Map

The Pralox-class was an autonomous strike bomber designed for expendable operations in contested sectors and away from allied territories. Manufactured by Mevya'Niet Assembly, a technology company based in the Mandel Systems, the Pralox-class was developed primarily for anticipated conflict between the Tilanex Empire and Osphat Canommin Republic, who had both initiated minor clashes in response to political and economic tension stemming from the ongoing deterioration of the Klexac Sector, whose border both nations shared. Mevya'Niet Assembly saw a business opportunity in the Osphat Canommin Republic, which had a navy both smaller and less capable than the Tilanex. The company put significant effort into advertising the Pralox-class to both the Osphat, their allies in the Tilanex Sector, and other TAUFOG nations which lacked an immediate solution to the problem of long-range bombing capabilities.

The Pralox was relatively standard in terms of its maneuverability for a ship of its size. Although its four IAA-d40 Hetta II ion thrusters did provide excellent straight-line acceleration, the positioning of control surfaces and other structural elements limited the thrust vectoring potential of the engines. This was not considered a notable weakness as the Pralox was primarily a bomber, not a fighter-bomber hybrid, and accordingly only carried two G-ceres I7 light laser cannons from Cyxtess Technologies. These weapons had a low rate of fire for a light laser cannon and only moderate damage, making them ineffective against current generation strike craft. The weapons were only included for additional ground-strike capability and to help ward off any defending fighters that may intercept the Pralox while conducting a strike. Most of the Pralox's firepower was held within its large internal ordnance racks. The Pralox could carry eighty of Mevya'Niet Assembly's excellent MBS60-20 Thaen nuclear missiles. Able to be tasked to intercept strike craft, hit hard targets such as capital ships or space stations, or detonate above or on a surface target for specific amounts of damage, the Pralox's onboard computer could deploy the missiles as was necessary to both destroy its targets and protect the bomber. Additionally, the Pralox carried eight MBS51 Theto nuclear torpedoes, which contained excellent ECM systems to confuse point defense and intercepting fighters while moving towards a target. With this much ordnance a single Pralox-class could easily take out a small task force if the force was caught unawares, and during the Osphat-Tilanex was squadrons of Praloxs would frequently be sent to harass backline units and threaten industrial and supply lines, drawing Tilanex Navy units away from active combat zones to protect their home territory. Demand for the Pralox-class would dwindle around thirty years after its initial release in 48,796 ACT, when the Osphat Navy began receiving increasing numbers of their own next-generation strike craft, which were much more durable and capable than the Pralox. Sales continued until the year 48,837 ACT, when Mevya'Niet Assembly could no longer justify ongoing production due to a lack of interest from oversaturation.

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Update #1 : by Skallord 07/23/2022 8:31:51 pmJul 23rd, 2022

-Updated build with 1.18 blocks

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I have a sore head.
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background: 10/10

your build: -9000
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