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Prison Escape 2.0 - DEMO

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This is the "sequel" to my first prison map, 'Prison Escape - Multiplayer' and the gameplay is quite similar to the other map. But if you don't know, this map is similar to the Cops and Robbers map(s), so this isn't an adventure map, but a map to have fun with friends!

If you don't know how to play:

The prison inmates are trying to escape while the warden tries to stop them. The warden shouldn't kill the inmates if they're being obedient though. If you want a better idea on how to play, watch Minecraft Cops and Robbers videos on YouTube.


Important Notes:

*The file that you download contains the map AND a resource pack. (Without the resource pack, some stuff will look funky)

*This is a MULTIPLAYER map, not an adventure - "escape room" - type of map.

*If you have any suggestions, questions, or notice any bugs with the map, please let me know!

*When the 'Warden' button in spawn is pressed, the prison with be automatically reset, so any blocks broken/added/items removed/added will be fixed.

*There are custom crafting recipes, (all using the 2x2 crafting square in the inventory), I currently don't have a place that shows them, but I plan on adding that in the future.

* Get to the helicopter on the roof to escape.


I already plan on adding:

* Random player picker
* Exterior prison wall details
* In-game map description
* Book or something that shows the custom crafting recipes
* Invisible barrier around the perimeter of the prison.

Progress85% complete

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