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Prodigious Washington by CreatorPaul

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1. Introduction
After the huge city called "Prodigious City" we decided to create another map. This time we were inspired by the enourmous buildings in Washington D.C. It's been about a year of work till I can finally represent you this map: "Prodigious Washington". It's a huge city map (some smaller than "Prodigious City" though, but a lot more detailed) containing streets and buildings you can find in Washington D.C. All buildings have rooms, furniture, secrets and lots o' paintings!

2. The buildings
The Library of Congress: The most important library of America. 
The Lincoln Memorial: A nice building containing the huge statue of Abraham Lincoln.
The White House: Guess we all know the White House, don't we?
The Willard Hotel: A nice expensive hotel. The grand owner of Milky Fresh™ and Grandma's Delicious Cakes.
The U.S. Capitol: This is the most breath-taking building of the city. At sunset it looks amazing!
The Eisenhower Executive Office Building: This is one of the biggest office buildings of America. It's architecture is amazing!
The Washington Monument: One of the most important monuments of America, in the center of the city.

3. Real vs imagination
The Library of Congress: Everything you see on the outside is 100% based on how the building looks in reality. The entrance hall and the dome of the building are also 100% based on reality. Although, the rest of the building is based on imagination. If you search on google for the dome of the Library of Congress you'll find images that match almost exactly with the dome in the map.
The Lincoln Memorial: For this building the outside is, just like the Library of Congress, 100% based on reality. The statue in the building however, had to be resized to be able to show as much as possible detail. This is why the statue is 6 times bigger than the statue in real life. Even though it has to be resized, we were able to keep the head of Abraham Lincoln on it's actual size.
The White House: The White House is almost 100% as it is in reality. We used blueprints of the building to make everything match: both the inside and the outside. The only places in the White House we couldn't make match 100% is the basement. This is because we couldn't find enough pictures/information about this. We also removed the attic because we didn't have enough space in the house to add all the rooms in the attic.
The Willard Hotel: The Willard Hotel is 100% like reality, but in this map we merged it with the Washington Hotel. That's why it looks a lot bigger than in real life, but it's actually 2 hotels merged on a nice square. We also added a nice bowling club to the square, to make a perfect place when you are on a holiday.
The U.S. Capitol: The outside of the U.S. capitol is, like all other buildings in this map, completely based on reality. The inside is half based on reality (based on pictures of the actual inside) and half based on imagination. One of the added things is a tunnel under the building. Between the tunnel and the U.S. Capitol is a restaurant.
The Eisenhower Executive Office Building: For this building, the outside is 100% based on reality, and the inside is based 100% on imagination.
The Washington Monument: To create this monument, we've searched for the height on WikiPedia, and using this we've been comparing it in minecraft to make the perfect Washington Monument. Although, it's not such a complex building anyways.
CreditBuilt by CreatorPaul, All right reserved.
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I am unable to download this map. The site does not load. I've verified it is not my internet connection, cleared my cache, tried multiple browsers, it seems it is your link. It just loads a blank white screen. Did you remove this download or change the link?
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super detailed!
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Could I use this in one of my adventure maps if I give credit?
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