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Project Minecraft Mario Odyssey

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I've seen a couple of people try to do it, but I wanted to do my own rendition of Super Mario Odyssey as an adventure map. I've got some stuff in progress

I've also made a custom texture pack to make it look as good as possible, here's what little I have so far:

Project Minecraft Mario Odyssey Minecraft Map
This is obviously what I have so far of the Odyssey. It only maybe needs some edits on the spotlight and I need to model and add the globe.

Project Minecraft Mario Odyssey Minecraft Map
Here's the interior of the odyssey. The cabinets I think are alright looking, but the room is pretty empty. I need to add the chairs and maybe a system for decorating? also re texturing the pink banners into curtains.

Project Minecraft Mario Odyssey Minecraft Map

above is a working checkpoint flag. The flag has an orientation, and will turn into the Bowser flag when powered.

I've set up a command block system that sets the players spawn point at a check point flag when they touch it, and if it's a Bowser flag, it will set it to Mario's flag.

This map is completely vanilla, just with a custom texture pack. Obviously it's going to have a fair amount of command blocks and I have some set in place to make it feel a bit more like Mario, especially when it comes to jumping.

I've started working on the cap kingdom, but It doesn't have enough development to be presentable, I'm also working on a cap throwing system that can open doors and flip levers and things.

This project will probably take quite a long time, but I wanted to see what other people think of it and what people have to contribute. Thanks for reading!
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