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Project Pluto was a project initiated by the United States of America. It was to be a SLAM Missile, or Supersonic Low-Altitude Missile. It was a type of Nuclear missile that would not be detectable by the enemy, specifically the Soviet Union, until the missile was already dropping nukes. The missile was capable of holding over 20 thermonuclear warheads over an enemy country. It was powered by a nuclear ramjet engine: The nuclear reactor was directly in the engine, so the exhaust of the missile was radioactive. This also meant it could not land, so when the missile had no more nukes in it, it would ram into wherever it could do the most damage. The project was cancelled, due to development in new ICBMs, challenges in design, the inability to test it, and the fact that if they had one, the Soviets would surely make one as well. If you want to check it out for yourself, it is at warp Planes on the Foxshot server. Do not take this build and claim it as your own or use it without giving me proper credit.
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