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Project NetherCastle [CLICK FOR MORE]

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    Last updated 01/11/19
    Posted 10/17/2018
    by Anthousa
    Game Version: Minecraft 1.13
avatar Anthousa
Level 23 : Expert Cake

Hello everyone,
Thank you for your interest in this project!
click on that very sweet diamond in your left corner, it needs a new colour.

This time we are building a large castle in the Nether theme, this castle has the purpose that there are portals going to be placed like the Nether portal and the End portal for our survival world, because you won't be able to build one for yourself and those servers will be reset each 2 weeks (against Netherfarming etc.).In the survival world are already a few small villages (See my other submissions) and this project will become one of the largest buildings on the server. It wil be placed as soon it's ready

Stay informed of this project by subscribing to my account, and giving this project a diamond will be very appreciated!
If you have any tips or tops please let a comment below! :D

I will be updating this project as soon as there is something new to see.

More information:
We are a Dutch build team and unfortunately only with Dutch people. Do you speak Dutch and you are interested? Let me know! Do you speak English and you want to know more or are you also interested? Just let me know too :), Although it is more difficult to communicate, but I do my best!
The server is certainly possible to visit. Also for our international friends. The server is in Dutch, but it is possible to understand so far. Do you have any questions? Send me a message.

We are intended to make it possible in English too in the future.

Cityfights buildteam.
Progress35% complete

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Update #4 : 08/18/2018 9:00:43 amAug 18th, 2018

I'll be posting soon more pictures because there is already a lot more build!
And I've updated all of the thumbnail on my projects! I hope you'll like it! :)

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