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Protect the Diamonds | A 1.9 Minigame

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Stevertus avatar Stevertus
Level 63 : High Grandmaster Programmer
Long, long ago, when there were no supermodern minecards, ok it was yesterday ,Steve and his friend Alex farmed a few diamonds. Today
they wanna bring them in their house to safe them, but on the way they meet monsters, who wanna steal the diamonds.
Try to lead Steve or Alex to their house and save much Diamonds as possible. Enjoy a confusing Monster labyrinth and crack
your Highscore.

So with that you can see a new Creation by my side,
today I wanna show you my little Minigame-map, but it isnt that mini as you think I worked 8+ Hours on it. Enjoy a cool Lobby with cool settings, like your character, the difficulty or go in shop (Coming soon, when you want)
Play a custom Map with a resourcepack, which include cool 3D Models, walking-animations and custom textures. This map is a part of me, because I tried so long with the command-blocks and building. If you wanna have single parts of the
map explained, I will make a video to the topic on my Youtubechannel, just write me a comment, what you wanna know.

So I think this is the end of this description.
What remains only to say? When you like my Maps just leave a Diamond there and subscribe me on planet-minecraft, that would help me a lot and much maps can come then.
To miss no Creation follow me on Twitter:
When you wanna see showcases, tutorials and cool cinematics just whatch my Videos on youtube:

So let me say good bye and see you soon!

Oh I forgot to say specific rules for youtubers:
Please support me, when you make a Video about. So please write in desciption my social-media and the download link of course
for example:

Mapdownload: www.planetminecraft.com/project/protect-the-diamonds-a-19-minigame/
Creator: Stevertus


My Gameplay:
Progress75% complete

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Version 1.1 (2) : by Stevertus 06/11/2016 5:19:21 amJun 11th, 2016

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05/31/2016 10:48 am
Level 63 : High Grandmaster Programmer
Stevertus avatar
I really hope you like it <3
And it will be more popular than my last map :D
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