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[PVE][1.8/+14w21] Temple defense V3.1

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avatar FloxHunt
Level 23 : Expert Toast
Hi guys ! 
I present to all of you a tower defense map named TEMPLE DEFENSE !! This is the third and last version of the game.

The Zombies are in the place !! Only you can defend the temples of Notch !! Take your bow or your sword and go !!
Play solo if you're a Badass. Play with friends if you need help =)

Temple Defense in Numbers :
- 5 different game modes
- 3 different rooms
- 5 difficulties
- 9 waves by difficulty, and a boss fight
- 3 spécial kits
- Hundreds of zombies
- Almost 1 year of work
- 7000 downloads for the first versions (almost 6000 only in Europe)
- 3 fps to build

The 5 gamemodes are :
- Stuff mode : you use the stuff available at the beggining of the rooms
- Tower mode : You use towers to kill the zombies. This mode is very hard and needs training
- Mix mode : The stuff and the tower mode are together for a rain of zombie killing, recommended for beginners 
- MEGA mode : regroup the 3 ULTRA dificulty of each game mode, 90 waves. IT'S THE FINAL CHALLENGE
- INFINITE mode : Special mode with only 1 wave. Zombies are coming in thousands and your temple have only 1 life. Make the biggest number of kills you can !!

The 3 spécial kits are :
- Gladiator : Sword, helmet and chestplate, all in iron. The most easy to handle but the moste risky. If you die, you back to the beginning of the room and you loose time.
- Archer : Bow and 50 arrows. The most safe.
- Special objects : Each objects can be taken with another kit. Speed amulet (enderpearl : +0,3 speed and teleport power). Killing Rain (only two available in a game. Friework summoning a rain of holy water, fatal for zombies and good for you). Back Up (Only one available in a game. Experience bottle : Throw it in the air and all your team receive a strength boost 3 for 1mn)

Other features :
- Visit mode : Now you can see the systems available in the map by choosing this mode
- Test zone : Now if you have to train yourself, you can learn how work the kits and how work the turrets

To finish the map, the only way is to complete the Temple of Success. When you finish a difficulty in a room, in a gamemode, a redstone lamp is activated forever to remember you that you already won this. Complete it and you will be the master of the Temple of Notch !!

LET'S PLAY PEOPLE !! AND LEAVE A DIAMOND (top left hand corner) !! =D
( Trailer incoming on Youtube)
Progress100% complete

9 Update Logs

Update #9 : 06/16/2014 6:37:41 pmJun 16, 2014

10 000 downloads all around the globe for all the versions of TEMPLE DEFENSE !!
Thanks guys !!

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Diamond for the effort
I will download it soon and test it out ;)
  • FloxHunt
  • Level 23
  • Expert Toast
  • June 10, 2014, 7:25 am
Thanks to you man. Report any bug you see if you want to help me =)
This still a beta version.
Allright, I might check it out today, maybe 2morrow we 'll see
Sorry Dood Cant Open Cause Its .rar Can You Make It .zip
Get 7zip for free, works always ;)
  • FloxHunt
  • Level 23
  • Expert Toast
  • June 4, 2014, 5:21 pm
Use WinRar is free, Why don't you download it ? It's the same thing that with WinZip

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