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How to find on server: Head west directly out of spawn.

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TheCraftyTable avatar TheCraftyTable
Level 7 : Apprentice Crafter
Designed by Wigglet456 and Starlit Games and built with help from HiraethReport and UltraRubie, this small pvp arena provides an easy place for some fast and fun PvP battles.

The arena is located close to spawn and features a small array of open and more sheltered positions to suit most pvp styles. Given the non PvP nature of the most of our world, it creates a good place to test your battle skills against other players and will likely be home to some PvP events in the near future.

The arena has a drop in entrance accessible by a staircase at the front and a one way exit for those that leave the arena victorious, or those that have to come back shamefully to collect their gear =P
CreditWigglet456, StarlitGames, HiraethReport, UltraRubie,
Progress100% complete

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