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PvP arena: lots of game modes and classes!

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Level 57 : Grandmaster Electrician
I have never finished a playable map project, which sucks... But this time I promise you I will finish it - for two reasons: I started building this arena just for playing with friends, and they love this arena and want it to be finished. 2. I don't work on it alone, friends give me ideas for classes and help me to test them, and Husky helped me to build the arena itself and creates new classes with me.
A friend asked me if I will share this map, and then I realized it's a good idea and many of you will love it.

The main feature of this arena is the option to play many different game modes and customize game rules to get exactly what you want. There are lots of options planned and many more might be added if I get more ideas. Feel free to suggest stuff in the comments.

The arena is a floating island with simple ruins with veins, allowing you to sneak to other players while remaining unnoticed, climb on the ruins to get advantage over your enemies (depending on your class of course), shooting and hiding, and whatever else you can think about. middle is relatively empty, there is a little hill in the middle and some lakes near by. The middle is relatively empty and is an exposed area that is comfortable for some of the classes. There is a ring of high ruins all around the arena on the edge of the floating island. All players always have saturation effect to not have to eat while battling and night vision effect to make the eternal night look cool and give it a bit of spacy feeling.

Features list
Game modes: (7)
Rightclicking the signs in the game will provide information and help.
Game modes aren't implemented yet, need to do some more redstone and command blocks stuff for it to work...

Death match: everyone is an enemy, kill as many players as you can! Every time you die you will respawn in a random place in the arena.

Last one standing: As the name suggests, be the last player alive, kill everyone else. There is no respawn, when you die you become a spectator.

Team death match: Each team has it's own spawn point in the map, you respawn after every death at the spawn point of your team. The goal is to kill as many enemies as you can, the team with the most kills wins.

Treasure defense: Each team has a treasure, the goal is to protect your treasure from the enemies and to destroy their treasure. The team that destroys the treasure of the enemy team first wins.

King of the hill: One player gets randomly chosen to be the king at the start, he becomes stronger than the other players yet not overpowered. His name will be red so everyone will know who is the king. The goal is to be the king more than anyone else, when you die you stop being the king and when you kill the king you become the king.

Capture the flag: Each team has a flag in it's base, the goal is to capture as many flags as possible by taking the enemy flag and bringing it to your base without letting the enemy to take your flag. Even though you can see the kills count on the screen if you want, they don't affect the victory at all.

Control points: there are several points in the arena that you need to capture, if a player of your team stands on a capture point long enough he will capture it and then this point will get the color of your team. For each point your team controls you get score per second. The goal is to get more score than the enemies by capturing more points and holding the territory longer.

Gameplay settings: (8)
Rightclicking the signs in the game will provide information and help.
All implemented except for the 3 last ones which require implementation of all game modes first.

Friendly fire: Choose whether team mates can deal damage to each other or not.

Natural regeneration: Choose if you want players to slowly restore health while fighting.

Bonus heart: Choose whether you want players to get one more heart for killing players. This setting is added to not leave players too weak after fighting someone and make it easier to get kill streaks.

Display health below name: Choose if you want to see how much health every player has.

Kill streak bonuses: If enabled, every time a player kills 5 players in a row without dying, he will get a special bonus depending on his class. For example, an archer will get a flame bow with 5 uses that he can use whenever he wants.

Display score: Choose whether the score should be displayed on the sidebar or not displayed at all. The results will be announced at the end of the match automatically even if the display is off.

Rounds customization: Choose if you want to divide the battle to few rounds and choose how long should each round take if it should end after a specific period of time.

Victory conditions: Choose the amount of score required to win, for CTF game mode it will be the amount of flags you have to capture, for DM it will be the amount of kills you need to get, etc.

Classes: (10)
All classes in the list are implemented unless I write that it is a planned class.
Every class has it's advantages and disadvantages, some classes have more defense, some have more powerful/ranged weapons, some have special effects and skills. We try to balance the classes as much as possible, there are no overpowered classes so you have to choose the class with the abilities that fit your skills. (a class with a bow, fast class, heavy class, etc.)

Equipment: Chain armor, wooden sword, infinity bow, arrow.
Kill streak bonus: a bow with 5 uses with infinity and flame enchantments.
Special effecs: None.
Skills: None.

Equipment: Iron armor, iron sword.
Kill streak bonus: Wooden sword with 5 uses and flame enchantment.
Special effecs: None.
Skills: None.

Equipment: Diamond armor, stone sword.
Kill streak bonus: Resistance II effect for 30 seconds.
Special effecs: Slowness I.
Skills: None.

Equipment: Golden armor, magic wand with sharpness V (renamed blaze rod).
Kill streak bonus: 5 splash potions of harming.
Special effecs: Speed I, water breathing.
Skills: Can throw one slowness splash potion every 30 seconds.

Equipment: Leather armor, boots enchanted with feather falling V, diamond sword.
Kill streak bonus: Strength II effect for 30 seconds.
Special effecs: None.
Skills: Can throw one ender pearl every 15 seconds.

Equipment: Leather armor, golden sword.
Kill streak bonus: Speed II effect for 30 seconds.
Special effecs: Jump boost II.
Skills: None.

Equipment: Leather armor, infinity bow, arrow, bones that are used both as weapon and to tame dogs - enchanted with sharpness III.
Kill streak bonus: Bow with 10 uses and infinity and punch II enchantments.
Special effecs: None.
Skills: Can summon a wolf every 50 seconds.

Equipment: Leather armor, boots enchanted with feather falling IV, iron sword, nether star (select to activate the blink skill)
Kill streak bonus: Bow with 7 uses and punch II enchantments, 7 arrows, speed III effect for 30 seconds.
Special effecs: Speed II, jump boost I.
Skills: Blink - become completely invisible and get speed IV effect for one second.
More info: Blink skill activated by selecting the second hotbar slot, the nether star should stay there - if you'll put something else in this slot it will be gone! The Blink skill allows the ninja to travel up to 13 blocks while completely invisible.

Equipment: Iron helmet and boots, chain chestplate and leggings, diamond axe, bow, 20 arrows.
Kill streak bonus: Diamond axe with 5 uses and sharpness II enchantment.
Special effecs: None.
Skills: None.
More info: Restore arrows supply (20 arrows) after death.

Equipment: Chain helmet, iron leggings, white leather chestplate and boots, Spoon with sharpness IV (renamed shovel), FIsh slap with knockback II (renamed raw fish, for funny death messages :D).
Kill streak bonus: Golden shovel with 5 uses and fire aspect enchantment.
Special effecs: None.
Skills: None.
Again, if you plan to download this arena and want to have a specific feature (game mode, customizable setting, class...) feel free to suggest it in the comments :- ]
Progress30% complete

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Update #3 : by Xbxp 07/23/2014 2:13:32 amJul 23rd, 2014

Uploaded an image of the new lobby and a better image of the arena.

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09/03/2014 5:38 am
Level 57 : Grandmaster Electrician
Xbxp avatar
Sorry for abandoning the project for so long, my computer broke and I couldn't work on it for a while. I bought a new computer now and as soon as I will back up everything from the old one I will keep working on this arena along with another cool project I will publish later.
07/15/2014 5:33 am
Level 27 : Expert Pokemon
TheSirDrake avatar
Wow this is an epic idea!! I love it!
If you would ever need some help, you can just ask me :D
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