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PvP with Power-ups! Version 1.7.0

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2008Choco avatar 2008Choco
Level 27 : Expert Modder

Requirements in order to play the game:

- Be in version 1.8 or 1.8.1

- Play on easy mode

- Maximum of 4 people! Otherwise, power-ups will not work 

- Minimum of 2 people! Again, it will not work otherwise.


This is a game I created using command blocks in the recent 1.8 update. I have been striving to finish this up and I have to admit that I am not fully complete. This game is basically just a PvP game with a little bit of a twist! See while you play, there are power-up items that spawn within the arena. If you are to pick up one of these items, it will give you a positive item/effect, or a negative item/effect. There are a variety of items to be picked up so you can have hours of endless fun! However as I have mentioned before, I did not completely finish it, so I will be working on this for a while and complete what has not been finished. If you have some suggestions that you would like to give me, or even some bugs that you find, that would be great... Either leave a comment in the description or pm me. Send me your suggestions/bugs that you would like me to implement or fix. I hope you guys enjoy your time playing my map as much as I did building it! Leave me some diamondz and I will continue to make some more maps!

The Goal of the Game:

- Fight to the death until a set amount of lives
- To add to the difficulty, power-ups will randomly spawn within the arena
- To receive a power-up, just pick up the items that randomly spawn on the ground and it will be exchanged upon pickup
- New Singleplayer mode allows for Mob Arena with powerups

Power-up Items:

Positive Effects
- Snow block : 16 Snowballs with Knockback Five
- Diamond : Diamond Sword (5 Hits)

- Feather : Bow (Power 3) + 5 Arrows
- Leather Cap : Full Diamond Armour (20 Seconds)
- Sugar : Speed 2 (10 Seconds)
- Fire Charge : Flint & Steel (5 Hits)
- Glowstone : Jump Boost 3 (10 Seconds)
- Glass : Invisibility 2 (10 Seconds)
- Golden Apple : Absorption 1 (3 Minutes) and Regeneration 4 (30 Seconds)

Negative Effects

- Soul Sand : Slowness 2, Blindness 1 (10 Seconds)
- Wither Skull : Wither 2 (10 Seconds)
- EnderPearl : Swarm of Endermites

Additional Notes

The map was not created by me once again, the only thing I created was the redstone behind it. I highly suggest you check out mcholypotato's builds because he is amazing at building! Thank you to a very high extend mcholypotato!

A New Version Of This Map Has Been Released. Version 1.7.0. Check Change Logs For Information About The Update
CreditMap made by mcholypotato!
Progress95% complete

22 Update Logs

PvP Version 1.7.0 : by 2008Choco 11/24/2014 6:00:43 pmNov 24th, 2014


+++ IMPORTANT ADDITION: I redesigned every single piece of redstone that was behind the scenes to make it a whole lot less laggy than it was before. LESS LAG, COMPACTED and EASIER REDSTONE
+ More response time when picking up a power-up. Less than 1/10th of a second to receive the item when picked up
+ When picking up a leather cap, instead of it appearing in your inventory, it goes immediately into your armor slots
+ When in "Infinite Lives" mode, it occasionally shows a chat in which you can click to end the game
[MCPVP-25]  -Reduced the size of the file by deleting non-used chunks. Should be a faster download now
[MCPVP-26] - Gamerules are easier to change and a heck of a lot faster than before
[MCPVP-27] - Adjusted bow strength to Power 3 (rather than Power 2)
[MCPVP-28] - Changed effect of Golden Apple to Regeneration 4 for 30 seconds and Absorption 1 for 3 minutes (Rather than instant health gain)
[MCPVP-29] - Diminished time of invisibility on Glass to 10 seconds (rather than the prior 20 seconds)
[MCPVP-30] - Increased duration of Diamond Armour from the Leather Helmet power-up to 20 seconds (rather than 10)
[MCPVP-31] - Made timing the length of the armour a lot more specifically accurate so it removes at immediately 20 seconds
[MCPVP-32] - Items stop spawning after the game finishes
- Removed singleplayer mode for the time being. Caused lots of lag issues
- Eliminated many scoreboards that were not essential to the gameplay
- Broke the levers by the two gates in the arena because it was causing the game to crash for some strange reason?
- Deleted the Timer clock when playing the game (May be re-added later if lag isn't an issue in this update)
- Player lives counter scoreboard has been removed from the sidebar. However player deaths has replaced it instead
- Removed the death notices (When a player dies, it says "Player x has died" has been removed)
- If you're alone, the game will not start. Make sure you have 2 - 4 people playing

This has been one of the biggest updates I've ever done for this map. I know I said that I was probably never going to release another version of this, but there were so many bugs and lag issues with this map that I had to fix it! I couldn't sleep at night knowing that I could make this map a whole lot less laggier. Well here's your new version! I've been working on this for a really long time and I hope that it makes the gameplay a lot better for you all. Lots of removing things, lots of replacing things, lots of bug fixes, and very few new things. Please do give me support because it means a lot to me getting to read comments and anything really. E-mails, tweets, comments, likes, favourites, diamonds, it all means a lot. Thank you for the endless support on this map, I truly appreciate it.


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04/06/2014 11:25 am
Level 27 : Expert Crafter
As_tr_oi_D avatar
Again a great work :)
03/29/2014 6:58 pm
Level 31 : Artisan Modder
PokeyOne avatar
you should add a single player mode similar to mob arena
03/29/2014 8:37 pm
Level 27 : Expert Modder
2008Choco avatar
A singleplayer mode. That's an interesting concept! I think I might just add that for the 1.6.0 version :) Thank you for your contribution
03/01/2014 1:06 pm
Level 55 : Grandmaster Toast
C_is_CREATIVE avatar
Great! Reminds me of my PvP map that. Great Job with the redstone!
03/01/2014 5:09 pm
Level 27 : Expert Modder
2008Choco avatar
Thank you! That means a lot! I'm coming out with a new map soon and it will have a custom map made by my friends and I. Hope to see it as a very popular map :)
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