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[Quarantine's Fate] Official (1.16.4+) Minecraft Survival Games Map 100%

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dent41 avatar dent41
Level 25 : Expert Procrastinator
I wanted to share this with everyone, since I am really proud of what I have created in the last 12 months. I originally started making a Hunger/Survival Games map since early December 2019.

I would like those who are interested in this map to provide some feedback and what I could add, remove or change. It would be much appreciated. I want the theme and the setting to be perfect first.

You would also need to install a Survival Games Plugin if you would like to play it through that way. Otherwise, Play by the rules on the RULE BOARD in the images or in the world itself. I encourage you to have a fair game and research your 'Routes' by the map on the other side of the RULE BOARD.

Thank you EVERYONE! who had seen it, downloaded it, liked it and favourited it! It was a pleasure making this, and it was a pleasure releasing it to the public as you have shared your interestes about the map down in the comments below. I am so grateful for the process and you guys who enjoy it. Thank you!

Make sure you share this with your friends and people you want them to know as I really appreciate that.
Thank you
Progress100% complete

5 Update Logs

MC-HG: QF Update #5 : by dent41 12/24/2020 5:12:31 pmDec 24th, 2020

Merry Christmas Everyone!
I hope you have found some peace and quiet with this year, thankfully it is coming to an end.
I would like to share you 120 hours work over the course of one year. The world is 365 Minecraft Days Old.
As I promised, I will be posting the 'Official Release' on Christmas Day and here it is!

- Airport Tower


Thank you everyone and MERRY CHRISTMAS!

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06/16/2021 4:42 am
Level 1 : New Miner
SirDenchik avatar
Pretty cool!
04/11/2021 2:45 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
Splatmaker avatar
How do I raise the platforms to start the game?
04/16/2021 10:42 am
Level 25 : Expert Procrastinator
dent41 avatar
In the "Admin's" House on the biggest tree outside the middle circle, there is a lever in the center next to a cake. Flick that once and quickly get ready within the pedestals. Hope that helps!
01/24/2021 7:08 am
Level 45 : Master Engineer
Cosmoguy avatar
i do have a plugin, is there few trapped/ender/shulker boxes and barrels? cos my plugin uses those for "tier 2" loot? cheers
01/24/2021 11:22 pmhistory
Level 25 : Expert Procrastinator
dent41 avatar
Hi there,
I was considering adding enderchests for tier 2. However, I filled each individual chest with loot already.
So if you would like to edit the map for yourself, you can. (the chests)
If you would like to take the time and look through each chest, any loot with gold armour or above is considered tier 2. Most double chests are also tier 2, however, I consider those to be tier 2.5 as there are diamonds in them. Hope that helps.
(All chests are regular wooden ones with pre-existing loot provided in the map)
Thank you for the question.
01/22/2021 9:19 am
Level 3 : Apprentice Artist
Kian52 avatar
Well deserved man
01/08/2021 11:18 pm
Level 25 : Expert Procrastinator
dent41 avatar
Thank you for:
2,000+ Views!
It means a lot to me.
Thanky you!
12/18/2020 8:31 am
Level 1 : New Miner
liliLimpan2000 avatar
what for plugin are the for do so the work?
12/20/2020 6:21 amhistory
Level 25 : Expert Procrastinator
dent41 avatar
Just 'Command Blocks' and redstone!
12/10/2020 7:37 am
Level 10 : Journeyman Miner
GreenToke avatar
For how much players is made this map?
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