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R.M.S. TITANIC (1912) - The ship of dreams (2022 version)

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CronosDarth avatar CronosDarth
Level 79 : Legendary Engineer
RMS Titanic was a British passenger liner, operated by the White Star Line, which sank in the North Atlantic Ocean on 15 April 1912 after striking an iceberg during her maiden voyage from Southampton, UK, to New York City. Of the estimated 2,224 passengers and crew aboard, more than 1,500 died, which made the sinking possibly one of the deadliest for a single ship up to that time. It remains to this day the deadliest peacetime sinking of a superliner or cruise ship. The disaster drew much public attention, provided foundational material for the disaster film genre, and has inspired many artistic works.

Special thanks to:

- CreeperCraftCity (historical support, building support)
- Lins (engine room, turbine room, dynamo room, support of boiler rooms)
- GenerationGame (galley support, staircase support, cabin support)
- JStar (building support, thumbnails)
- TheEngineerGuy (historical support)
- Dooku200 (staircase support, statues)
- Alexius (information)

Important sources:

- Titanic - Honor & Glory - Demo 401
- Titanic-Deckplan by Matt DeWinkeleer

width=56United Kingdom
NameRMS Titanic
OwnerR.M.S. TITANIC (1912) - The ship of dreams (2022 version) Minecraft Map White Star Line
OperatorWhite Star Line
Port of registryUnited Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland Liverpool, UK
RouteSouthampton to New York City
Ordered17 September 1908
BuilderHarland and Wolff, Belfast
CostGB£1.5 million (£150 million in 2019)
Yard number401
Way number400
Laid down31 March 1909
Launched31 May 1911
Completed2 April 1912
Maiden voyage10 April 1912; 110 years ago
In service10 April 1912
Out of service15 April 1912
FateStruck an iceberg at 11:40 pm (ship's time) 14 April 1912 on her maiden voyage and sank 2 h 40 min later on 15 April 1912; 110 years ago.
General characteristics
Class and typeOlympic-class ocean liner
Tonnage46,328 GRT
Displacement52,310 tons
Length882 ft 9 in (269.1 m)
Beam92 ft 6 in (28.2 m)
Height175 ft (53.3 m) (keel to top of funnels)
Draught34 ft 7 in (10.5 m)
Depth64 ft 6 in (19.7 m)
Decks9 (A–G)
Installed power24 double-ended and five single-ended boilers feeding two reciprocating steam engines for the wing propellers, and a low-pressure turbine for the centre propeller;[​3] output: 46,000 HP
PropulsionTwo three-blade wing propellers and one three-blade centre propeller
SpeedCruising: 21 kn (39 km/h; 24 mph). Max: 23 kn (43 km/h; 26 mph)
CapacityPassengers: 2,435, crew: 892. Total: 3,327 (or 3,547 according to other sources)
NotesLifeboats: 20 (sufficient for 1,178 people)

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RMS Titanic by CronosDarth von CronosDarth ist lizenziert unter einer Creative Commons Namensnennung - Nicht kommerziell - Keine Bearbeitungen 4.0 International Lizenz.

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1 Update Logs

Update December 2022 : by CronosDarth 12/22/2022 5:14:22 pmDec 22nd, 2022

Various corrections have been applied, e.g. at the chart room, officers quarters, 1st class cabins etc.
The ship has been overhauled completely.

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03/20/2023 12:32 pm
Level 35 : Artisan Engineer
Homer1997 avatar
thats fr the best grand staircase ive seen on this site
02/12/2023 3:03 pmhistory
Level 19 : Journeyman Sus
Yugure-Dusk avatar
for somehow when im see the word titanic im also start a huge discussion about why jack dont climb on the door.
10/23/2022 1:44 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
floki12345 avatar
hey,nice new version of the RMS Titanic,i like it.can you build a new version of the Titanic II for 2022?
06/22/2022 7:53 am
Level 1 : New Miner
ethanplante avatar
Hello, can someone tell me the coordonates of the ship plz ?
07/31/2022 3:32 pm
Level 79 : Legendary Engineer
CronosDarth avatar
it should be at the spawn
05/07/2022 11:02 am
Level 1 : New Crafter
McSmashsingYourMom avatar
Hey is it possible to convert this to Bedrock?
04/25/2022 2:08 pm
Level 28 : Expert Explorer
Jehinc avatar
Very nice build! The signs for the rooms are missing, but can be easily fixed. Can this map be used in an adventure type map if proper credit is left? CronosDarth
05/13/2022 3:42 am
Level 79 : Legendary Engineer
CronosDarth avatar
The maps can be used on servers giving proper credit. This is what people quite often do. They cannot be used for maps that are made for download.
04/23/2022 3:35 pm
Level 11 : Journeyman Miner
Ukra1neball avatar
this is straight up amazing!
04/19/2022 2:56 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
User4130101G avatar
What version of Minecraft is this on? I would like to know
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