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Battleship RN Roma - 1943

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The R.N. Roma was one of four battleships of the Italian Navy's Littorio-class, built between the mid 1930s and early 1940s. The Roma was the third ship to be laid down, and the third and last of the four be completed and commissioned. She entered service in August of 1942 but unlike her two sister ships Italia (Littorio) and Vittorio Veneto, who managed to survive the War, she was unfortunately sunk on the 9th of September 1943 due to catastrophic damage caused by several German guided bomb attacks. The Roma currently rests 1000 m below the surface in the sea between Corsica and Sardinia.

: 46,220 t.

Length: 239 m.

Beam: 33 m.

Draft: 10 m.

Artillery: 9 x 381 mm main guns;
12 x 152 mm secondary guns;
12 x 90 mm dual-purpose secondary guns.

Armour: 352 mm belt armour;
350 mm turret armour;
162 mm deck armour.

Speed: 30 knts.
CreditFerrariGTO / lamborghiniMiura
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