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ReCategorizer: Multi-Item Sorter for Survival Vanilla/Fabric

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The ReCategorizer is a complete redesign of the Categorizer Multi-Item Sorting System (MISS). It's a redstone contraption that helps you organize your item storage in game by sorting items into preset categories customized by the players.

Example: It allows you to sort all the different concrete colors into a single chest, or all items related to oak, etc.


  • Categories now support up to 54 different items.
  • The inconvenient redstone balancing is not required anymore!
  • Simpler control circuit! It's less than half the size of the previous MISS!
  • Loading & unloading items is now done partially in parallel, which means this system is faster.
  • The configuration chests are way easier to access from the back now.
  • Non-stack-able items now get sorted to the "un-categorized" chests.
  • Works mostly silently (you might hear rails occasionally) and 1 piston :-).
  • The overflow protection stops & restarts the system automatically and is individual for each slice/category.
  • Lamp indicators now precisely indicate where items go. There is one indicator to tell when items have all been sorted.
  • Curved rails, shorter paths, parallel item transfer, only 2 stops, independent sections with other minor changes make this system over 60% faster than the Categorizer Reloaded on average.

Since it's a new project, feedback is very much appreciated, feel free to contact me on my youtube channel, here or on discord if you need any help. A tutorial will be available soon, so stay tuned!
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Update #2 : by MaizumaGames 03/10/2023 10:35:34 amMar 10th

A bug has been found where the minecart would unnecessarily stop moving for good. Thanks @sarunint#8803 and @Calvin23#8378 on Discord for reporting bugs and ideas!

I made an "ugly" fix to the system that afaik makes everything work nicely. I'm still going to alter the system before the tutorial but since my time is short for now that should be a good update for everyone who wants to build it.

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