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Reclaimed Minas Ithil

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Hello Everyone!

I have been building in Minecraft since 1.2.5 and my love for the game has done nothing been grow larger over the years. I have built medieval cities, too many castles to count, and tons of medieval villages. There have been a lot of other builds, but my specialty and love will always remain with medieval styled buildings. From realistic castles to large fantasy fortresses. One of my favorite book series and movie series ever is the Lord of the Rings. Not only have I read/watched it over 50 times, but I have always dreamed of walking the halls of minas tirith or sharing an ale with a group of hobbits at the green dragon.

Recently I have been very interested in the time after Lord of the Rings and (SPOILER ALERT) especially the rule of King Elessar (Aragorn). I like to focus specifically on the fate of Minas Ithil, or as most know it, Minas Morgul the layer of the Witch King. Well before the war of the ring, and before the hobbit as a matter of fact, Minas Morgul was once a Gondorian Fortress known as Minas Ithil (The Tower of the Moon). It was overtaken by the hordes of Mordor and became the Witch King's lair after he was deposed of his thrown in Angmar. The tower was thus corrupted and became a place of complete evil. So evil that King Elessar actually ordered its complete destruction after the war of the ring.

In regards to this build, I wanted to build Minas Morgul in the most screen and book accurate way because I love the architecture of it. However while building it, I thought about how cool it would be to have the fortress reclaimed by Gondor with its functions being renewed to those of a fortress of light, not darkness.

Using days worth of deepslate (yes this was built in survival and then moved to my creative world for pictures, and terraforming) the fortress consists of mostly deepslate walls with blackstone crowing the ramparts and towers. In total there are 4 rings that encapsulate the center tower, each connected to it with winding tunnels and passageways. As of right now (update 1) the interiors are no where near done, with the majority of the inside of the structure remaining empty.

I am going to share the remaineder of this project as my first Planet Minecraft Submission and I hope those of you who find and like this project will follow along until its completion.

Thank you!

Also, I will put several secrets and easter eggs in this project, so if you find yourself exploring the build remember the words of Bilbo Baggins:

"Not all those who wander are lost"


Once the project is finished I will provide a download of the world file as well as schematic, I only ask that if you ever choose to use it you provide me with the accreditation. Thanks!!

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