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Red Foundation Stadium [Wetherby City] (WIP)

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Red Foundation Stadium
is a large fictional stadium located in Wetherby. The metropolitan area has a population of nearly three million inhabitants and has a humid temperate climate, with an even precipitation distribution. Wetherby City Football Club, a top-flight team plays their matches in the venue, which has a capacity of 88,800.

Wetherby City Football Club was formed in 1908, and has always played in the top-flight. After having moved between seven sites in 36 years, they settled at Rondalt Lane, the same site as the current stadium. The venue was first constructed in 1944, and had a capacity of 45,000 with terraced wooden stands. Eventually the single-level tiered stadium expanded from the 1960s, it's capacity fluctuating between 50,000 and 66,000. In 2001, the stadium became Red Foundation Stadium and the structure of the three three-level tiered stands (except the East Stand) became uniform, expanding the capacity to 75,000. In 2012, a major expansion took place as all four stands became uniform, increasing the capacity to 87,000. This upgrade also resulted in a new glass roof covering the seating. In 2016, the exterior was upgraded to improve accessibility for visitors within the venue and further afield by public transport. A retractable roof was installed to prevent rain and snow from affecting the pitch, and the capacity expanded to 88,800.

I have a long history with this build, since I actually started this on Minecraft Pocket Edition on my tablet in early 2016, and built the first and second tiers of seating using red-stained clay, stone, and quartz blocks. I very occasionally worked on the stadium before the start of 2018, focusing on the seating, roof, and players' rooms. At that point I had based it off the 2001 version. After a more than two-year long hiatus, I returned in April 2020 (on Java this time), was not satisfied with the stadium, and wanted to reform nearly all of the stadium, aiming to create the present version. I had brief stints in June and September 2020, only building the seating. I returned again in December and was, again, unhappy with the seating and interior, and also worked on the roof. Since then the build was my secondary focus in Minecraft, and I hope to finish this build.

The stadium is (still) far from finished, so it'll take a while until it reaches a similar progress to where The Bridge Arena is, when first posted. I'd have to complete the players' rooms, interior and exterior, and surroundings before a download link is released.

This may or may not be second creation that I will post to Planet Minecraft with sufficient level of progress.
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Progress45% complete

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