Redstone - Boss Rush - Slay those bosses!

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Boss Rush! Fight 10 Bosses in a row! And up to 4 Players as well! Here are some things you should take note of:

You spawn in a world, take one of each item, and four apples.
Call up to 3 friends to join you, and take down the enemies that will confront you.
Collect loot, and trade your rewards at the villager shop.
There are ten bosses, can you defeat them all?


1. Read the information ( to the left of spawn).
2. Easy is the lowest difficulty you SHOULD play on.
3. Don't lie when you're collecting loot from a boss.
4. No cheating!
5. Taking items from dispensers is forbiddion.
6. Do not butcher any mobs with worldedit or kill nearby mobs with Single Player commands.
7. If you die, take another set of items (Meaning a set of armor, a sword, a bow and a arrow,
8. Don't build or destroy (Only for a good reason).

Each boss is made by me, and I put effort into this. Like I said, there are 10 bosses total, I am currently working my best to finish this project. You can look at my other stuff at .

Current Bosses:

1. Redstone Killer
2. 4 Faced Pig

Feel free to add suggestions, positive and negative feedback, and anything wrong you find in the map!
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