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Redstone Bunker

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Bedrock Edition
CroakyBook79900 avatar CroakyBook79900
Level 23 : Expert Waffle
For 2 Weeks I build a Redstone bunker for a friend but it’s really nice so I uplode it. The Bunker is build by Rleon1012. The Bunker is working. That’s mean that you can open and close the gate and turn the lights on and off.

This is the Bunker from outside it looks small but the most things are inside of it.

You can play pvp, role play, or murder with it. It take me 5 Days to build it.

Redstone Bunker Minecraft Map

This is a little controll room at the door here you can open and close the main door.

Redstone Bunker Minecraft Map

This is the Main hall nothing spizial but it’s nice. From here you can get to the big controll room and to the sleeping rooms.

Redstone Bunker Minecraft Map

The Main Controll room. From here you can turn the lights off and on. Also you can open all doors and close all. You can also turn the electric off. If you do it all doors will opened and the light get off.

Here you see how I looks if the lights off.


This are the sleeping rooms in one room can sleep 4 peoples. From here you can get to the Main hall and the Cafetaira.

This is the Cafetaira. Here you can eat. You can put the tables down with a lever. From here you can get to the sleeping rooms and to the warehouse.

The Warehouse. From here you can get to the Cafetaira and to the farm.

The farm. It is a small farm but Enough for all. From here you can get to the warehouse
Progress100% complete

02/03/2021 6:54 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
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can you make a java edition download please
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