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Redstone Computer V4.0: The Cut Copy of MS-DOS, 8-bit Addition, Subtraction, Guide and More

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CrazyRedstoner__75rx avatar CrazyRedstoner__75rx
Level 26 : Expert Engineer
After 15 days of work... 360 hours... getting about to give up a lot of times... breaking my brain... Redstone Computer v4.0 finally came out! But, make sure to set your Render Distance to 15 or higher. If you have low amount of RAM, try 12 or 10 and fly around. Our YT: www.youtube.com/75rxREDSTONE

World Info:
Supportable edition: Java
Supportable MC version: 1.17.1
World Folder Size: 7.40MB (7,407,065 bytes)
World ZIP Size: 1,78MB (1,832,722 bytes)
World Name: ExecCOMPUTE4 - Redstone Computer

Computer Info:
Version: 4.0
Commands: 6
Size: Huge
Color-Coded Redstone Versions: None
Inside the Redstone Computer OS name: ExecOS v1.0
Name: ExecCOMPUTE4
Bits: 8
Output bits: 9
Recommended Render Distance Chunks: 12-16
Took: 15 days (360 hours)

Have fun!

Progress100% complete

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