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Redstone House! 1.12.1 (UPDATED + DOWNLOAD FIXED)

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*Huge project is done*
Installation instructions:
  1. Download from the link
  2. Take the world out of the downloaded file
  3. Go to %APPDATA%
  4. .minecraft
  5. saves
  6. Drag and drop the file you took out of the downloaded file into the saves folder
It is recommended that you use this resource pack:
NaturalRealism Resource Pack (Click me to be redirected to the pack download)

Not all of the redstone ideas in here are mine, some are taken from MumboJumbo's YouTube, check him out

Click me to visit my youtube! If you like the content, please subscribe :)

Give this project a diamond if you enjoyed it, I will be updating it frequently if you guys ask for it!

  • Added "The Vault"
  • Fixed up a few other small things
  • FIXED DOWNLOAD ISSUE (Zip file didn't work by default, so I uploaded it to dropbox)
  • Added a boat dock (simple)
  • Fixed the anvil system
  • Prettied up a few places
  • Fixed the command blocks at spawn
My other projects here:
Short Puzzle World (Click it)

HUGE PROJECT: (Coming soon! BETA release is expected within the next week)
Progress100% complete

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