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[REMAKE] Connecticut 1:10

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Rednewt33 avatar Rednewt33
Level 33 : Artisan Explorer
Since I've last done this project I've learned A LOT about schematics, worldpainter, and even learned a completely new program: QGIS. Using government-sourced data I've been able to DRASTICALLY increase the accuracy of the hydrology (rivers and lakes!)

The 1:30 version has 1,000 rivers.

This version has 210 THOUSAND.

Therefore, I decided to remake the project. It will be available for download as soon as the foliage layers are finished!

*hint: after this some other projects might get redone, especially if they were never completed....

In the meantime enjoy some pics from the few areas I have finished!

EDIT 7.26.19:

IT IS DONE!! The download link will be up shortly!

EDIT 6pm:

Coords for major Cities:
Spawn (Hartford): 11459, 12335
New Haven: 8712, 17388
Bridgeport: 5916, 18812
Stamford: 1888, 20304
New London: 17969, 16774
Norwich: 18147, 14920
Willimantic: 16864, 12860
Danbury: 2892, 16072
Waterbury: 7455, 14625
Torrington: 6575, 11772

EDIT 7/30/19:

If you downloaded the file before July 30 and are concerned with the Colchester/Salem area YOU NEED TO RE DOWNLOAD THE FILE. There were a few corrupted region files which have now been fixed!

Mediafire link:
Progress100% complete

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08/18/2019 8:17 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
Unidragosisisis avatar
would you ever think about adding some form of buildings, such as the major parts of cities?
08/08/2019 8:41 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
TRGM_Commander avatar
You got a version with roads :P
07/19/2019 12:34 am
Level 1 : New Miner
IAmVerySad avatar
Can I ask u how you got the data for this map? I'm trying to make a huge map of Europe right now.
07/26/2019 12:49 pm
Level 33 : Artisan Explorer
Rednewt33 avatar
I sourced it from US government data, so I'm not sure if an equivalent dataset is available for Europe.. so sorry I can't help more!
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