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RepublicCraft♕Build♕Anti-Grief♕Spleef♕Survival Games♕Economy♕100 Slots♕ No Lagg

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avatar Danzatri
Level 22 : Expert Mage
IP Adress: republiccraftbuild.sytes.net:25598

This server is never online if the status shows offline join anyways its a glitch of PMC

First person to donate gets 64 Diamonds and 32 emeralds and get a rank!!!

Join with republiccraftbuild.sytes.net:225598 Joint today!

We do not DO NOT!! need staff.


To upgrade to bigger we will need donations

Welcome to RepublicCraft!

This a new server created by Danzatri!

Co-Owner zanezane

We have friendly staff

If you have a dout just go to the forum and post your dout and we will be kind to answer

I hope this server be a hit!

I hope everbody likes this server!

I hope nobody griefs or try to get banned.

Plz dont grief!

This Server is about building epic stuff and having fun as an economy!

I hope people enjoy this server.

We need your help to make this small server big and popular.

With your donations you receive perks and other things.

You may make history in this server and you may become a VIP.

So come to this server and have fun!

Also this is a Grief free server and cheat free and spam free.

We are very strict when you cuss grief or spam.

So read the rules and make sure you understand

Anti Grief Plugin! Use it!

Important Plugins make sure you know and use!

Grief Prevention: Helps you protect your house and others! Use a Wood Spade to protect and claim your stuff.

: Helps you do /home /kit and other use full commands!

These are the basic plugins that will help you!
Many fun things to do in this server!



Additional Details

New Server and we Welcome all of our new players. I hope you like the new server and plz follow the rules Plz dont grief spam advertise nothing plz follow the instructions We are a new small server
CreditDanzatri zanezane
Progress100% complete

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