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Retro Metro - With Animated Train, Working Elevator And Escalator

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Level 36 : Artisan Architect
Turn off the chat (it uses lots of commands), and set your video rendering distance to 23+ (or animation may not work) for better experience.


Its an underground station. I wanted to experiment with Minecraft animation, and thought why not build an underground station with animated train that works ( as in you can ride on it as well). I wanted to give some warm, retro, and Modernist (as in Bauhausian style, not contemporary modern) vibe to the build, so I incorporated lots of wood, white quartz, grey stone, and warmer color scheme. But I am not sure how well I convey that feel...; to be honest, I never really built interiors nor vehicles in Minecraft before, so the proportions are probably off (too big), and the builds could look better ( so for the updated version; I will make the train smaller, and ceiling lower)

Following features are Included:
  • Animated train
  • Animated and working elevator (that you could ride up and down, controlled by push of button)
  • Animated and working escalator (that goes down)

Train will come once in a while when a you enter the station (on one side only), and train will stop coming once you leave the station. Escalator will be activated once you stand in front of it (only one escalator that goes down works). Elevator will be activated once you press the button on the wall.

If I decide to continue on this build, I will add the following features:

  • I will change the proportion of the underground station, and train, to make it more realistic
  • Make all four elevator moving, and working, and try to make animation more smooth.
  • I will make the train rideable, or at least give it an illusion where it seems like it is working, and connect it to second station; so its possible to move from one station to another by riding the train
  • Make all four escalator working, including two that goes up
  • Build upper department, and outer exterior of the station. I am thinking of building it in neoclassical style; like the grand hall, and exterior of the union station in Toronto.
Mechanics of creating illusion of working train: I am thinking of teleporting player to the duplicated train station, when the player enters the cart, where I am planning of animating the surrounding tunnel, so that it gives the illusion of train moving, when watched from inside the train. Then after a while, teleport the player to the second station.
Progress100% complete

1 Update Logs

Update #1 : by iamnotthatcreative 12/18/2022 1:21:57 amDec 18th, 2022

Added two new stations. Train is somewhat functioning now; where you can ride it to go from station A to station B and vice versa.

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