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REVISED: Space Station Gamma 5 (survival end base)

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Level 29 : Expert Miner
Space Station Gamma 5 was originally designed by Trydar. I really loved the design, so I thought I would modify the exterior, and build a completely new interior, as well as moving it to the end. It now functions as a survival base, situated above the end pillars - high above the world. It includes:
  • Large and varied storage system, with extra room for 1.17 and 1.18 items (keep in mind this was built in 1.16.5)
  • Large smelting area, with furnaces, blast furnaces and
  • Manual carrot and wheat farm + auto carrot farm
  • Animal pens for sheep, chickens, cows and pigs
  • Luxury suite, with enchanting + enchanted book/lapis storage, potion brewing with ingredient storage and a large wall map to show off the entire end island from above. As well as this, there is armour storage and special item frames for important items
  • Large automatic sugarcane farm inside the docked ship (with a cool door to get in)

There are 8 extra rooms to decorate and fill with goodies in your survival world, as well as 2 levels of transportation rings with soul soil for fast transport.

There is also speedy bubble elevators to different floors, with a max level beacon providing every status effect to most of the station. To enter and exit, use the airlocks on the bottom floor to fly in and out using an elytra.

Thanks to Trydar for giving me permission to modify their original design :)
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09/21/2021 10:16 am
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08/21/2021 9:43 am
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WOW!!! Thank you for base!!!