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Rezza and Liara City

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ArcticLemon avatar ArcticLemon
Level 22 : Expert Architect
This is going to be (when its finished) Two cities. I like Egyptian structures and wanted to create a tomb raider'ish world and also saw alot of really nice modern cities on this site, as I couldn't choose between the Two,

I decided to make both! Although it's 1 Land structure and 1 Underground structure.

The egyptian city Liara should look like a giant lost world and Rezza will have a giant tower protruding from the middle of the hole that extends into the depths of the city.

I have had my Girlfriend helping me craft these, All of this is done by hand. However some items are spawned in, like the water and lava and some of the sandstone for the pyramid (dam hard stuff to find in my world). I don't have any pre planned layout for these so we are just building how we feel, We have a base station near by the Two cities with all the resources we have gathered so far from mining.

Lost count of how many Axes and Pickaxes we have used now :(

This is our first post as well as our first project getting released to a community. And it's all done on my own private SMP server. When its finished I'm hoping it will serve as a great starting point/re-spawn point for the server.

Thanks for reading guys!

*just a quick update if anyone has any suggestions or comments please feel free to add them*
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Update #2 : by ArcticLemon 10/26/2011 11:41:32 amOct 26th, 2011

Forgot to mention during the transition to 1.8 I encountered a problem with The Void, so i had to mod it out as well it made my city pretty much nothing. :(

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10/23/2011 11:45 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
Zachary95 avatar
Cool cool, I would love to check out the server sometime :)
08/15/2011 9:45 pm
Level 97 : Overlord Terraformer
inHaze avatar
Looks pretty cool so far. The underground city type thing seems like an interesting idea, keep it up!
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