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Riverside Station - Lazuli City Rapid Transit

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Level 30 : Artisan Architect
The first ever metro station in Lazuli City, not running at the moment since this is the only one right now. The Lazuli City Rapid Transit, LCRT for short is the city's metro system. It's located next to the river. It serves many people traveling through the city quicker. There will be many stations through out the city and the tunnels will connect between stations. The trains have 3-10 cars in the LCRT.

I made this a long ago on the Wii U version and kinda expanded the train platform later on the Switch. I made it long enough for 10 cars at max and to be more realistic to a real metro station. Nothing in terms of design had really changed.
The station is 3 levels. The above ground is a sitting area with the ticket vendors, B1 has two ticket gates one on each side, and B2 is the train platform with two tracks.
Progress100% complete

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