RMS Alusian II - 1910's Ocean Liner

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Hello there!

This is my second big project on Minecraft, and it's the second version of my steamer made in 2015 (that you can access by clicking here). This version is one with a lot more accuracy on the division between the classes and the crew sections, and it's much more bigger.

As the RMS Alusian, the Alusian II is fully furnished, has winches system and cargo holds, class segregation, six decks (Boat Deck to E Deck), five dining rooms, two kitchen, public bathrooms, luxury suites, and will be there a swimming pool, a first class Lounge, two libraries and much more!

This liner is being building block by block without using mods or plugins, just a texture pack to make it more classy. As you can see, it's inspired on Titanic.

Hope y'all enjoy!
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Update #1 : 08/12/2020 6:28:09 pmAug 12th

Bridge under construction, some boats from boat deck add, new luxury suites completely done, 1st funnel add, B Deck 1st class staircase completely done.
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