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RMS Concordia (1911) / SS Concordia (1920)

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Level 27 : Expert Engineer
The RMS Concordia was laid down for the British Egypt Overseas Steamship Company at John Brown & Company in 1910 and was externally inspired by the Austro-Hungarian Baron Gautsch. She launch 1911 and had her maiden voyage from Southampton to New York in the summer. Already between 1912 and 1913 it was clear that due to the increasing size of the ocean liners the ship was not profitable and in 1914 she returned to John Brown & Company as a tender ship for the new planned Queen Zenobia class, due to the outbreak of World War I the construction was stopped and in the meantime she functioned at the shipyard as a hotel ship. After the war she left John Brown & Company in 1920 as a converted tender and made her way to her new home port of Cherbourg where she took the first passengers to RMS Queen Zenobia the same day. After the end of the Queen Zenobia class, the Concordia also came to an end, which is why she was scrapped long after.

Build by: Schatten1912, Horus

Renders by: Axandres274, Horus

Technical Data

year of Construction :
Flagg :
Shipping Company :
British Egypt Overseas Steamship Company
Length :
84,5m (277,23ft)
Beam :
12,5m (41ft)
Draught :
5m (16,4ft)
Knots :
20kn (37km/h 23mph)
Engines :
two stage Steam Turbines
Passangers :

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Sieht sehr nett aus!
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