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RMS Titanic by Mr_Dzielnicowy(LOST, READ DESCRIPTION)

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Mr_Dzielnicowy's Avatar Mr_Dzielnicowy
Level 23 : Expert Engineer
Hello everyone!

I want to share with you my current building: Royal Mail Steamer Titanic.

I've buit this ship two times before, but the previous versions were much smaller than this one.

Project history:

The first version of this project had 552 blocks in lenght, 60 blocks in width on water line level and 145 blocks in height from the bottom to the top of the mast. I was abandoned it because of many serious mistakes, mostly structural. Because of this many rooms could not be built and they were in incorrect sizes.

The second version of this project had 543 blocks in lenght, 59 blocks in width on water line level and 145 blocks in height from the bottom to the top of the mast. This version was many times better than the first one. The hull and the masurements were much more accurate. I was abandoned this version simply because of a bit too short stern section of the ship. In fact the stern was 5 blocks shorter than it should be. Because of that reason the 3rd class rooms were in incorrect sizes and i could not built some of them.

The third version(curret one) is much bigger and have 753 blocks in lenght, 79 blocks in width on water line level and 160 blocks in height. This is my best version of this project, completely new scale and much more historically accurate than the previous versions. The hull is almost done, and the rooms of Boat deck, A deck, B deck and D deck are also almost done. Now i'm finishing the C deck, after that i will make the E deck and progresing down deck by deck. When i'm building it, i'm using the book 'Anatomy of The RMS Titanic' by Tom McCluskie and informations, photos, and plans from many web sites.

At 5th July 2013 because of unhapy accident 2nd & 3rd versions of this project have been IRRETRIEVABLY LOST!!!

CreditMoredice, Deadkoalas, BDeNicola
Progress50% complete

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06/30/2013 12:34 pm
Level 16 : Journeyman Architect
Moredice's Avatar
Looking very good, Dziel!

By the way, it looks like you and I are in competition now, in building the most detailed and historically accurate recreation of this magnificent ship in all of Minecraft! Hehe! ;-)
06/30/2013 1:01 pm
Level 23 : Expert Engineer
Mr_Dzielnicowy's Avatar
'ONE OF', so it's not the absolutely the best, your is still excelent and very accurate. And you are still my 'Titanic mentor', because you inspired me to make my own Titanic.:)
06/30/2013 6:27 am
Level 43 : Master Nether Knight
nemerol2's Avatar
Cool :D
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