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Rodensia Kingdom

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Level 6 : Apprentice Architect
Greetings and salutations, everyone. My name is Rina and my back hurts. I've been spending the entirety of January and early February building this castle for the kingdom of Rodensia, which is a part of the lore of my Discord server with my friends. The kingdom is run by rats, and while yes, that may sound disgusting, it's actually quite a mighty kingdom. Rats are highly social and friendly creatures and they look out for one another no matter their differences; that's part of why Rodensia's one of the most powerful kingdoms in the universe it exists in. This is the first time I've ever built something as big and ambitious as this, so apologies if it's not quite the best or if anything's out of place.

It's still a work-in-progress, as I do still need to finish the towns below the castle. The castle is complete and fully furnished (although, the training grounds are still empty and I'm planning on putting a tent there).

Hope you like it so far!

PS All designs are mine, except for the trees and the chandeliers. Feel free to use this for any roleplays or anything you might need it for, please just remember to credit me and do not claim this as your own.
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