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ROGUE - Bedrock Caves

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avatar DrEnderman211
Level 1 : New Explorer
Enter a dark cave in a bedrock world. Far under your feet is hidden a dangerous network of caves filled with blood-thirsty monsters.
Every some floors awaits you a mortal enemy, alongside cohorts of monsters.

Will you be able to get through the entire cave ?

The game is based on the Binding of Isaac style. There are a large variety of monsters, and thanks to the MapMaker mod, I could add a huge variety of items that modifies your stats in various manners. Every floor is larger than the last one, and there is a total of 7 floor types, each harder than the other :

Basic : the basic floor type, no modifiers.
XL : a huge floor, three times larges than the classic floors.
Flooded : a special floor type, where the rooms are partially or entirely filled with water. The streams pouring from the ceiling can sometimes be the entrance of hidden rooms.
Cohort : 2 times more monsters than a classic floor.
Volcano : very dangerous floor, where the ground is mostly covered with lava, with lava streams pouring from the ceiling.
Redstone : a very complex floor where you need to repair redstone circuits to progress.
Boss : this floor appears every 5 floors. It is small, and nests a huge room where awaits a very powerful monster.

There also is a shop system, with villagers selling various items :

Merchant : sells basic items as potions, tools, weapons and arrows.
Banker : trades emeralds for gold and gold for diamonds, each worthing 20 times more than the other. 1 diamond worths 20 gold ingots and 1 gold ingot worths 20 emeralds, leading to 1 diamond = 400 emeralds.
Engineer : found only in Redstone floors, sells many tools allowing to manipulate the Redstone circuits.

The resource pack is highly advised, as the boss battles use custom musics. You can download it by following this link :

Progress15% complete

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