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ROMA, RES PVBLICA ROMANA (Rome, Roman Republic) (WWMC)

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Salve Viator!

The Roman Republic (Res Publica Romana) is a nation on the modded earth towny server WorldWarMC! We are a recreation of the ancient Roman state from the 1st century BC onwards! Our goals are to build up our cities, settle new territories, trade, explore and increase Rome's influence worldwide. Our capital city is Rome, as you've probably guessed. Our city is ever-expanding, with new buildings being built and old ones being repaired or expanded. We based several buildings off real ones but also build our own designs, we encourage our citizens to built whatever they please. Our current goal is to improve the city center and improve the buildings surrounding the forum. Above is a selection of screenshots of Rome! The pictures don't do it justice so I recommend coming on to see it in game, or perhaps even join us! I've also included some screenshots of our colony in Britannia, Eboracum.

About our nation

Our nation uses a fully functioning republican system where you can be elected or appointed to several political positions. You require a certain amount of wealth and must belong to a particular class to be eligible for certain positions. Besides politics there are many other other things you can do. You can join an army legion, become an architect, trader, explorer or anything else you want to do! We are happy to provide you with materials you can use to build your own home and other projects of yours. Citizens have the right to receive free housing and are exempt from paying residence tax in Roma, as well as protection from various barbarians in the north who we plan to conquer.

Citizens of the city of Rome (will be expanded with the addition of new citizens)

Appius Claudius Cincinattus (teddybeertje19) (Senator)
Gaius Aemilius Lepidus (eM_gAMES) (Consul, Praefectus Urbi, Proconsul Galliae, Senator)
Gaius Julius Caesar Octavianus (C_Iulius_Caesar) (Consul, Pontifex Maximus, Proconsul Britanniae, Senator)
Lucius Aelius (Quill_C) (Legionarius)
Lucius Valerius Maximus (royalnotfound) (Senator)
Lucius Cattus (BandyTheGhost) (Vigiles)
Marcus Aurelius Cosmos (PointCosmos) (Resides outside the city but owns property) (Tribunis Militum, Praefectus Urbi Syracuse)
Marcus Julius Petrus (PetrusOfGalilea) (Resides outside the city but owns property)
Quintus Aurelius Syracusus (train12) (Resides outside the city but owns property) (Legionarius)

Have any questions, recommendations or wish to join us? Contact me on Discord: SENATVSPOPVLVSQVEROMANVS#9660

To find out how to join the server head over to WorldWarMC's PMC page here. The server page is a bit outdated but it is worth checking out
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Update #1 : by Res Publica Romana 11/29/2022 10:00:00 amNov 29th, 2022

Started work on updating the Forum Romanum

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12/16/2022 6:38 am
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What is the texturepack or modpack you used in the photos?
11/29/2022 5:41 am
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Ceddin Deden
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