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Rooster Teeth Achievement Hunter Lets Play Minecraft Achievement City

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Version 1.12.2+
This is a updated map of Rooster Teeth's Achievement Hunter's Lets Play's "Achievement City"

I found this map YEARS ago on Project Minecraft... cant find it again to give credit sorry.
The original map appears to be a DIRECT port from the XBOX 360 from Achievement Hunter. Like someone from AC uploaded it. The last time it was update was right before Ray left. (Did he take a copy???) Or did Jermey or Matt (Interns at the time) upload it? We may never know.
But being it was a port from the XBOX 360 and not XBOX1 the map is only true for the Original "City Limits" Also any lets plays after ray have been updated to the best of my ability. Only a few Lets Plays are not updated due to the extensive work needed. And lets plays updated since may not be 100% accurate. Also any lets plays that take place OUT of the City Limits are not added.

Also The "End" and "Neather" were not ported to the PC so they are not 100% Accurate at all. However all Neather Lets Plays were added.

Please SHARE and Enjoy. Also go check out all of AH content! and Check out my walk threw of the map.

Mediafire file 80MB: http://www.mediafire.com/file/l2k00fbub0pllv6/AchievementCity.zip/file

Lets play Minecraft youtube Playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL1cXh4tWqmsEQPeLEJ5V3k5knt-X9k043

My Walk Threw:
Progress95% complete

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