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RoyalKingdoms Kingdom map! 8k x 8k custom minecraft world

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firehart avatar firehart
Level 32 : Artisan Magical Girl
hey hey,
I'm really happy about this map, especially the jungle part of it,
but the snow and desert are also a great part of it.

sadly there is no overview from this map as the buyer did not want the 3D overview picture shared.
(whats understandable, like that, contains a lot of spoilers for their players haha)

but a lot of some awesome screenshots in-game are here, I'm really looking forward to playing on this map later on the server,
I can't wait until they open their doors for the public.

some little information about the RoyalKingdom server:
It's a (Dutch) Kingdom server on Java Minecraft 1,12.2 with Minecraft 1.8 combat system (their discord is: discord.gg/snUE4vnW5p )
they still are seeking some kings & queens for their first season and I'm hyped about it,
so yeah, Let's see what the future brings on them
Progress100% complete

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03/08/2021 6:57 am
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Im Like That Maps
03/08/2021 7:42 am
Level 32 : Artisan Magical Girl
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