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SCP Containment Breach In Vanilla Minecraft (Bedrock 1.16 PS4)

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Thaction avatar Thaction
Level 38 : Artisan Architect
My second map to upload here, I made this map before the nether update, but don't worry, I updated it.
Go on the terrifying experience where you try to survive your encounters with SCP's, Open up security doors, and do whatever it takes to escape.

There are technically 11 SCP's, but it's 12 if you count the machine that upgrades your keycard. There are multiple floors, multiple elevators, multiple doors, multiple hallways and intersections, multiple SCP's, and everything is super dark so make sure you turn up your brightness so you can see. Unlike my other huge projects, this map is the smallest I've made, taking roughly 6 hours to construct. I built this all by myself.

certain security doors require keycards, they are pieces of paper with different levels. Make sure to throw a matching keycard into the corresponding security door hopper. To get the keycard back, press the button on the other side of the door on the dropper two times (one to close door, 1 to retrieve keycard), and you can press the other button to re-open the door. Find the switch that opens Gate B and escape through it. DON'T FIGHT THE SCP's PLEASE!

There's about 30 minutes of gameplay at newcomer speed, and make sure you're wearing fresh underwear!

I have a YouTube Channel called Tristan Harris where you can watch my series playing through this map, or my other videos.
Check it out: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCSwXjtGR9Gmv3OpuqJ3LMvw

hope you guys like this map! :)
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