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S.S. Asperity (1914)

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Level 3 : Apprentice Crafter

The S.S. Asperity is a custom ship, designed and built by OmegaOne aka. Callister. A special design, which makes the ship (class) recognizable, are the back positioned funnels. Whilst majority of liners had their funnel more placed upfront, the Asperity (class) had them further back. The reason was the overlengthed bridge housing infront. Another markant symbol is the square front of the superstructure. Due to aerodynamic reasons, this hs already been corrected on her sister ships, the Dexterity, Levity and Sincerity, which have a rounder front.
The two-propellered ship reached a maximum speed of 19 knots, with a safe cruising speed of 17 knots. Her usual routed were between London, her registry port, and Stockholm, Sweden.
Another markable special was the inclusion of promenade lifeboats. The top deck was barely accessible to passengers, the crew had majority of the top deck. In case of an emergenxcy, the lifeboats would be lowered on promenade level. First Class had their promenade on Deck A, Second Class on Deck C and Third Class at the rear of the ship, at the lifeboat station.
No worries, passengers had several recreational facilities on the rear, first class also had a verandah there.
Design duration: 1 day
Start of construction: Sunday, 20. 11. 2022
End of construction: Tuesday, 29. 11. 2022
Construction time: 3 days
Design: Custom
Year of construction: 1915
Active since: 1917
Active until: 1935
Scrapped: 1936
- 1914: Commissioning of the Asperity by the Triton Line
- 1915: Keel laid in September
- 1917-1927: Liner of the Triton Line
- 1928: Refit to the emigration ship of British citizens:
- 1932: Retrofit to the ship of the line
- 1935: decommissioned in May
- 1936: Scrapped in September due to decreasing number of passengers
Class: Asperity Class
- S. S. Asperity (1917-1936) [​scrapped]
- S. S. Dexterity (1918-1945) [​scrapped]
- S. S. Levity (1918-1938) [​torpedoed, sunk]
- S. S. Sincerity (1919-1955) [​scrapped]
- max. Speed: 25 kn
- max. Passengers: 1,350
[​150 1. Cl., 300 2. Cl. 500 3. Cl., 400 Crew]
- Decks: 8
Progress100% complete

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