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S.S. Heidelberg 1873

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Drash2005 avatar Drash2005
Level 50 : Grandmaster Engineer
The first ship of my new (and remade) Germania Atlantic Line was the steam ship Heidelberg which was finished in the summer of 1873. She wasn´t any special and most of all standart for a german liner of her time. Still constructed with sails for safety reasons if the main engine would brake during the sea trial. She could carry over 600 people and had a top speed of 12 knots.

Her blue ribband arround her hull symbolized that she was a ship of the Hamburg Senat Group which was recently built up with her as the first ship. She was also the first ship of the so called Baden-Class and three more sister ships were finished during the following years: the S.S. Mannheim 1873, S.S. Sinsheim 1873 and S.S. Karlsruhe 1874.

In the autumn month of the year 1882 the S.S. Heidelberg made some special travels to northern Russia passing by Norway.
It happend then that she came in a storm at this route which brake her propellar shaft which fully disabled her posibility to maneuver. Before the crew was able to put out the sails to get on track again the ship was hit by a strong wave which broke her metal hull open. In a matter of minutes the ship with no system of watertight compartments sunk down the waves. Only two lifeboats could launch and around 90 passangers and crew members could be saved.

This ship is a completely custom creation by myself. It have full interior to explore and I hope you people like it.
Please leave some diamonds or comments if you like it or are interested in it and if you have any questions.

Special thanks to CronosDarth for the nice render pictures he made for me!
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06/04/2018 3:55 am
Level 1 : New Explorer
Quart-Zeta avatar
Love the interior of the ship. Really cozy!
06/07/2018 11:36 am
Level 50 : Grandmaster Engineer
Drash2005 avatar
I thank you. It´s the standart interior of a german liner of that time.
06/01/2018 4:33 pm
Level 65 : High Grandmaster Sailor
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